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Cannot fire rocket based weapons from inside a bunker

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Something for you to chew on while you wait for Market Garden to be released...

We have implemented a number of new and tweaked features to MG that are not necessarily urban specific, but may have more impact on urban fighting than it does on other aspects of the game. At least in some situations...

3. All types or rocket based AT weapons can be fired from within buildings given certain conditions and certain caveats. Those conditions and caveats are as you expect... the bigger the bang, the more confined the space, the more potential problems. Problems = suppression and/or injury.


I've been running a few tests out of curiosity to see what the effects are when rocket based weapons are fired from within buildings. One of the buildings I am testing in is a bunker. The Germans (Veterans) will not fire their shrecks and the US Army (Veterans) will not fire their bazookas from bunkers. I've tried from shelters and MMG bunkers with no luck.

My tests are from three different building types: Smallest modular building, the largest modular building (both single story) and bunkers (Shelter and MMG as stated before).

The target is an immobilized Sherman for the Germans to shoot at and an immobilized Stug for the US to shoot at, both rear facing to make it more enticing ;) .

I've only done a couple of tests in the different bunkers. In each test there is no attempt to shoot the shreck or bazooka. They will shoot rifles and MMGs but no rockets.

There is no hesitation to fire from buildings. But bunkers are a no go.

Is this by design?

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