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New file at the Repository: US Multicam Rangers (2013-09-28)

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US Multicam Rangers Mod - v1.0 (CMSF)This download contains a rar file of amended uniforms, helmets and faces for the US soldier model. The mod seeks to represent multicam uniforms for US Rangers. It is intended to be used for Afghanistan scenarios. WARNING: This mod alters the appearance of the US infantry. It should not be used in conjunction with other US uniform mods.Insignia - The default is for the Rangers but options for US Special Forces are available. You will need to swap these uniform bmps in and out as needed.Credits - The mod is based on uses mods by other authors as well as myself. All credit to Normal Dude, RYU, Mord, Birdstrike, M1A1TC, Aris and any other authors I may have missed.


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Erwin - this new mod doesn't roll all the multicam releases into one mod. This latest release only covers 2 units - Rangers and the option for Spec F, albeit this release is standalone and doesn't need the other multicam mod to work.

So my earlier multicam mod (which incl options for various divisional insignia, such as the 3ID) isn't obsolete. However, you can't have both mods installed at the same time as they affect the same bmps for the US infantry models, for example uniform.bmp.

Swap them in and out as of the z folder as you prefer.

Hope that helps. :)

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Thanks for the clarification.

Quite often, mod makers who release updated mods that seem similar don't clearly say whether the mod completely replaces an old mod which should be deleted, or if the new mod is merely an addition to the mod series and the old mod should be kept (even though it can't be used at the same time as the newer mod).

So, all you hard-working modders... Please be clear which mods should be deleted permanently, and which should be saved when you release a new mod in a series.

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