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1.10 patch any news

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Sounds like a splendid bug to me :D

I also like this stuff, but I want to play a quick battle and be surprised purchasing a computer, and he buys 50% of battles hordes and wild gangs of vehicles AA guns - it is quite annoying :(

for example, five minutes ago I got a random 16 vehicles AA and one stray mortar.

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Ditchlock would be a great help in GL.

Example: The real Salerno area was criscrossed by drainage/irrigation ditches and they played a significant role at the tactical level.

While the maps that came with GL are great, the ditches in them had to be made with the existing tools. The addition of Ditchlock won't change those maps, of course, but at least anyone will be able to go in and re-make the ditches at will using the new tool.

Also: When you look at so many Italian villages, they're perched on hilltops and the houses in them look stair-stepped among the heights. I expect Ditchlock should make it easier and cleaner to achieve those types of effects.

And when it comes to any bunker complexes, artillery parks, ancient city walls, fortified lines, etc., Ditchlock probably would allow a creative mappper to make all sorts of terrain features -- trenches and berms, etc., that would expand the possibilities for defensive works beyond just the placeable trenches and other fortification objects. Take the castle JonS built in his "Sheriff of Osterbeek" tutorial, for example.

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