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I feel weird about asking this, because I am maybe missing an obvious answer.

When I want to download something from the Repository, it seems to be in .rar form, and when I want to get it I need to seem to pay $30 to get the translation.

Is that right?

.rar is just another form of archiver like zip. Why are you thinking you have to pay $30? Everything in the repository is free.

This will handle them and it is free. http://7-zip.org/

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IIRC WinRar ocassionally asks users if they like to pay 30$ for the full version of WinRar. However you can just click "no" and continue the using the test version (wich is in fact a full version, the test version just asks you regularly if you want to "donate" 30$ to the makers of WinRar. That is the only difference AFAIK).

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