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Cmbn + Cmcw

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Hi guys,

1. When played with a friend, if possible in QB to choice different units from Britts/ US Army vs Wehrmacht, Luftwaffes and Waffen SS? :confused:

2. It is possible (Player 1 has only CMBN) (Player 2 has CBBN + CW Module) to play a QB and Player 1 play`s the US Army and Player 2 play`s the Waffen SS or Luftwaffe?:confused:

How can i change the Points for Amry buying (for examble 500/700/3000/3200 or 9000 Points):)

It is not possible, where is the problem? Or what can i do, to play combined Army`s? ( i will a Firefly, 17`pounder and Ranger in my Army)

Thanks for answer/solutions

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AFAIK if you want to use units from CW module, BOTH players must have this module.

Ok both player have CW Module.

Player 1 german will Units from the Waffen SS and from the Wehrmacht in one Army. Player 2 will use Britts and US in one Army.... but how can i selected???:confused:

I can see, select only one Army?! How can i select US and Britts in my personal Army?

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With the old CM you could pick the oth bts from the allies, which was a bit gamey really as you could have the good US Infantry backed up with the better UK armour. US paras with fireflies and Churchils was a good combination. Although the Allies did operate together a lot, they didn't to my knowledge pick and choose the best weapon mix.

I like the new system better.

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