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Spotted ? disappear in Orders Phase

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Was loving the new spotted icons in version 2.0 until it seem to go pear shaped.

It appears if a unit has got a solid ID (e.g an AT Gun picture) then other units orders phase that should have a "?" icon for the enemy gets nothing at all.

For example

Video plays and an enemy AT gun gets spotted by a HQ with binoculars and is clearly seen.

Video still playing and this information gets shared with many units around him but they do not have the full ID, just the ? information.

Video stops and it is time for the orders.

If you immediately select a unit that should have a ? spotting contact it appears correctly.

If you then select the HQ unit you then get the full spotted contact correctly.

After this point though cycling though every unit that should have the ? contact has nothing at all.

Basically ruined the game for me as I won't area fire/call artillery on apparently random maps spots, I need the ? to know if I can shoot or not.

After the install I did have a mod problem but I have since removed all mods and the behaviour is still the same. I do not think I ever had mods that change the floating unit icons though.

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This so annoyed me and seemed so out of character that I revisited this. I haven't been ultracomprehensive but I think that if

1) a unit has a solid ID on the target

2) it still has a solid ID in the orders phase (video time is fine)

3) if you select the unit that has the solid ID then NO other unit ever gets a ? for the target. This persists.

I think it is possible that this may only happen with saved games started in an pre 1.11 version. Started a new battle and couldn't duplicate it but my pre v2.0 in-progress campaign is a bit screwed up. Am yet to finish the battle but I will persist and start the next one to see what happens.

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Bumping this as this is still happening.

It occurred in the same battle after restarting the campaign which thought was odd but now I am thinking that it might only be happening with specific units such as AT guns and HMG crews as this may be the first time I have come across these units and all has seemed fine up until now.

I have a save game if you would like me to send it.

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Peregrine try something for me.

When you have a unit selected that should see a "?" but doesnt try moving the camera really far away and see if the "?" icon appears. I am having a problem where slightly faded icons are vanishing when I move the camera close to them but appear when the camera is far away.

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