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unit request - on board artillery


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working on a scenario where a german armored assault gets stopped by a batallion of 155m howitzers through direct fire (a real event in august 1944 :D ) - BFC you would make me happy if you could gives us some on board artillery pieces in one of the next modules - 105er and 155er if possible :)

i'll try to work around with what i have ... maybe using some german gear as US ...

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These incidents are rare of course, but a similar incident occurred at Dien Bien Phu with 105s at point blank: 'Debouchez a zero!'. I am hoping they'll make the 75mm pack howitzer available in the OMG or "funnies" module but not optimistic unless someone can cite its use in the CMBN timeframe and AO.

My own workaround for now is to mod an immobilized M7 Priest; the hull can represent the emplacement, sunk into the earth. Not perfect but fit for use.

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