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AT guns firing at infantry

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Is there A way to get AI controlled AT guns not to fire on infantry that does not threaten them? I am trying to make a scenario with Americans attacking Germans defending with AT guns but the guns keeping opening up on any infantry that shows itself no matter what distance. It makes sense for them to reveal their position if the infantry are 200m or less but why give away your position at 600-700m? Kind of defeats the entire purpose of it. I thought the target armor only arc was supposed to work for the AI. If this problem is to difficult, maybe allowing the scenario designer to apply armor only cover arc in the setup phase.

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There was some chuntering about CAA not being in because of how making the AI able to use it was difficult (and let's face it, the human doesn't need any more advantages over the AI, so having the AI routines understand and use the feature could easily be seen to be important), but surely that must've been solved in order for the feature to be included at all.

Does it just need tweaking (overall, or for ATGs)? Are the infantry really "legitimate" targets, in spite of skelley's opinion that they're not? Or has it mostly been included for the benefit of the human player, and the AI left dangling (because, perhaps, of the clamour for the feature to be included)?

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Code the game so that AT guns when using armor cover arch only return fire on infantry if fired upon. Problem solved. ;)

First you have to have the game decide when AT guns use CAA :) Most people would probably be happy with "All the time, dammit! The 'T' in 'ATG' stands for 'Tank' after all!", but someone would doubtless complain that their infantry deal with AI ATGs with impunity...

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