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What (if any) difference between Sicily and Salerno period?

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What additions/changes would CMFI need to make to bring the game to accuracy for the Salerno campaign on mainland Italy (September 9-20, 1943)?

It seems so close in time period to Sicily that the equipment and vehicles and uniforms would be identical.

To make the entire Operation Avalanche playable in CMFI, we would of course need to have Commonwealth troops added to the game for the N half of the operation.

But if one wanted to play out just, say, the US VI Corps sector at Salerno, we've already got all the US infantry and airborne troops needed. On the German side, the 1943 Heer formations are all set for the 26th and 29th Panzer Grenadier Divisions and the 16th Panzer Division. The Italians are out of the picture. Naval gun support is already in the game, as is airpower for both sides.

So it would seem that, TO&E and OOB-wise, there's really nothing in CMFI as it stands now that would be lacking for this part of the Salerno campaign. Is that right?

I guess there's nothing in the terrain and map part of CMFI that would be missing, either. The medieval Norman watchtower on the beach doesn't exist, but probably could be represented by a partly rubbled church steeple. Existing Italian buildings could re-create the Tabacchificio Fioche (what a great scenario that was in CMAK) tobacco factory, it would seem to me.

Just wondering, since this is the period that interests me more than Sicily.

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