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51mm Mortar Question (CW Module)

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I have a question on a 2" light mortar detachment that is currently occupying a series of fox holes 424m from a location which I'd like to area target (the maximum range for this mortar is listed as 457m).

The mortar team has -1 leadership, is green and is in a rested state, and its general status is "OK". The mortar is deployed and has been in its current position for about two turns, and the mortar team hasn't moved in about 2 1/2 turns. It is also within both voice and close visual command of its platoon HQ, which is 56m away and has -1 leadership, is rested and is a veteran unit with -1 for general status ("-1 OK").

Two turns ago when I first chose "target" for this unit to an area ~445m away, nothing happened (no mortar rounds, no shots). Last turn I cleared the target and retargeted the mortar to an area target 424m away but along the same general LOS/LOF, and I finally got some rifle shots to the targeted area (but no mortar rounds). The LOS/LOF does go through two small groups of trees....

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why the mortar detachment is reluctant to use its main weapon? My only thought is that the LOS/LOF is somehow obscured (perhaps only 1--2 members of the mortar team have a clear LOS/LOF, while the soldier actually on the mortar itself is obstructed)?


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Your supposition on LOS seems like a very likely cause. If the LOS is at all marginal, many units won't engage in direct fire (even though the mortar bomb is going way up in the air, it's "direct" in that the mortar unit is doing the targeting itself, rather than being called by an FO, AIUI).

The "General condition" modifier, as you call it, is, I believe, the Motivation modifier. It should remain constant through a given battle/campaign, wheres the "OK" will change with casualties and other battlefield influences.

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Hi, General--Yep, they have a full ammo load (though you're right: it's always good to check the basics)!

I think that Womble is correct and that my LOS is tenuous at best. Too bad, though--there could have been a fair amount of carnage.... :^) And thanks for giving me the correct name for the motivation modifier--I had forgotten the proper term!

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