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Brute Force 1939 -AAR- Big Al vs Amadeus

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AAR - Brute Force 1939 - Big Al vs Amadeus

We are running 2 games one as each side. I have not posted any reports because the strategies of both sides have not been made apparent till now. It is summer of 1941 and plans are set. So this is a report as to what has happened so far (no pics sorry). They will be included later.

Amadeus as Axis.

1939 Poland - He did a delaying action in taking poland which took ~2-3 months. Most of his forces were shifts west to France for a 1939 Fall Gelb. The Axis powered their way through the low land countries and started their assault vs France. The UK only send 1 army over to assist due to other commitments. By May of 1940 France fell. The Germans chose conquest over Vichy freeing up the French fleet to join the allies. About 1/2 survived.

The UK and French DOWed on Italy Sept 1939 to get control of the med and pin them down. Allies had to make a choice to take out Italian colonies or defend France with UK units. The Allies choose the former. The Allies pressed on in east Africa and in North Africa. The UK pulled every resource and eliminated the Italians in East Africa in 1940, save one HQ which is pinned. The W.D.F. traversed through Libya unchallenged with 2 other units + HQ assisting. A blockage was setup vs the Italian navy but the Italians managed to get some units to North Africa. Italy pulled back to Tripoli and made an attempt on Algiers which was foiled. Time was pressed as the Allies attempted to take out Libya before France fell.

In the Summer of 1940 the Italians pressed back with armies and navies targeting as many French warships as possible. With their fresh land reinforcements they destroyed the W.D.F armor and started pushing back through Libya. The UK player, now alone, did a delay action falling back to Tobruk. In Algeria the Italians took Algiers and pushed toward Rabat being stopped at Fez (just south of Spain) by English forces.

From the Fall of 1940 to the Spring of 1941 a back and forth battle ensued in North Africa. Neither the Axis or Allies gained a firm control of the seas or land. The Germans devoted 2 armored corps to the campaign and the UK reinforced with 1 armored corp. In the Spring of 1941 the UK formed up a force in Morocco and destroyed the Italian corp holding Rabat and is pushing forward toward Tunis.

The Germans are preparing to attack Russia in Summer of 1941 with what seems to be a double front attack with the Japanese. I feel they are not as prepared as they should be. Yugoslavia, Greece, and Norway are still neutral. No u-boats have been spotted in the Atlantic and UK convoys are roaming free with escorts.

In the Pacific there is not much to report. The Japanese made efforts to destroy China but were stopped at the moutain line. Currently there is a stalemate. Japan controls all of the coastal cities now.

My thoughts - Personally I think the game has been fairly well balanced. A couple things I changed and found several bugs. The balance is nice so far for the allies. The back and forth in Africa was nice to see. Ships are being sunk but not at an exaggerated rate. In total the UK has lost 2x CV, 1x BB... the Italians 1x BB, 3x CA, 1x DD. I think it has been well balanced with the evasion adding excitement. There has been a lot of naval engagements.

Big Al as Axis.

The Germans chose a historical approach toward the initial conflict. Their primary goal is the defeat of the USSR. Poland fell within 6 weeks, France in July of 1940 with the lowland contries falling in the winter of 1939/1940. No Allied units were put in France to assist. Vichy was declared on the French surredner. Also in the spring of 1940 the Italians DOWed on the UK and made a rush for Cairo to no avail. In spring of 1941 an assault on Norway and Greece were performed to push Yugoslavia into the Axis camp. Sadly the turn both countries were conquered there was a coup in Yugoslavia. In April of 1940 the Germans DOWed on a now allied Yugoslavia to gain their resources and take them out.

In Africa the Axis did a holding action but had to give up Trobuk. In the seas the Italians had done well in their naval engagements. The UK has lost 1x BB, 2x CA, 2x SS. The Italians lost 2xCA.... Untill the summer of 1941. What I presume happened is that the UK pulled most of their Atlantic force into the mediterranean to deal with the Italians. A major naval battle is currently underway where I feel most of the italian navy will be sunk. The Allies have pulled all their CVs vs all the Axis naval force and 5 air units. In the 1st half of the naval battle the Axis has quite a few searches missed failing to find Allied ships. On land Libya has been quiet.

In the Atlantic the u-boats took a slight beating in 1940. In late 1940 till summer of 1941 has been a dream scenario. U-boats are destroying convoys unchallenged. Sadly it will be at the cost of the Italian navy.

Japan has taken all the coastal cities and is preparing to take on the USA and the CW nations. I have choosen a holding action in order to prepare for the USA forces. There is a secret plan in effect for them I can't reveal in this report.

My thoughts - I think the Axis are well balanced for MPPs and costs. I have prepared for the USSR but I still am lacking some units and had to make some choices, which is what I wanted. The losses are balanced with the production. I do feel overall the Chinese should get more production. if I built a lot of air for Japan and if I wanted to I could pound China into the ground. Both myself and amadeus thought the Chinese were a little lacking so I gave them a +15% production boost.

I am enjoying both games and luckily we took 2 different strategies early in the game. It allowed me to see if it was balanced. I feel the game is very heads or tails as to who will win. Neither side has an advantage. Now we get into the real fun part of the game, Barbarossa and the Pacific.

I will have pictures in the coming reports. I am very interested in the Barbarossa for both games. I feel Amadeus isnt prepared for it strategically as good as I am. So we should see what impact that has on its 1941 success.

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OK Big Al, here are some pics I made from my Axis. From my end it is not easy to play cause I am still not familiar with the changes in Brute Force. Many times avoiding combats and bad wheather. The combat values are different too. The map is detailed and good scale. I guess I will have difficulties to be a real opponent but now the games become more interesting.



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Lots of action!!

Amadeus - Axis May 1941 - Amadeus started Operation Barbarossa with both Japan and Germany. USSR attacked Persia for their resources. Italians take Sudan in East Africa. The UK enters Tunisia from the west. Axis forces in Africa retreat from Trobuk to counter the threat.

Big Al - Axis - The Italian fleet lost 1/2 its firepower in the Mediterranean Sea in a large naval battle. Yugoslavia is assaulted and on the verge of collapse. More preparations are made toward the USSR. U-boats finally encouter an escorted convoy. Japan continues its preparation for the allies in 6 months before the oil is cut off. China is a stabalized and contained front.

SCENARIO NOTES: I think my decision to reduce naval bombardment to zero is a right one. The Axis get pounded by allied ships if they are on the coast severely limiting their advancements. The increase in air units naval/cv defense will also help. The scale of destruction I think is accurate. Although the Italian navy lost a major battle they are not eliminated, just crippled.

One note is that I feel the Mediterranean sea is too small for the scale. right now the scenario has 3 capital ships per counter and I actually reduced the # of DDs per country. I have to see how I can remedy that in the next version. Fewer ships or an adjusted map?

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Big Al as Axis -

Early Fall 1941 - The USSR leaves Siberia relatively undefended, Japan DOWs to take Blog and Vlad for production and do a holding action vs the remaining Russians.

Late Fall 1941 - The UK invades Italy in full force at the same time the USSR begins a major offensive at Smolensk. They attempt a back end invasion to cut off the Germans from southern Italy to no avail. Germans are hard pressed from both ends but manage to contain the situation. UK DOWs on Japan unexpectedly. Japan goes into a defensive mode in Burma while taking The Solomons and Malaya.

Winter 1942 - UK is given "Das Boot" from Italy except Taranto and evacuates its units. The USSR keep up their Smolensk advance forcing the Germans to pull back to defensive positions. They are almost cut off but the USSR manages to squeeze an HQ. They get as far as Eastern Poland. UK Uses the same troops in Italy to invade southern France. Japanese and German subs pound the CW convoy lines, they are unprotected in the Pacific. Rabaul and Malasia taken. NEI is invaded

Early Spring 1942 - German units contain the UK troops that now occupy much of south France. Japan conquers NEI and continues minor skirmish actions in Siberia. Germany is spread fairly thin against the French invastion and the push by the USSR. The main HQ supporting the force of 6 corp behind German lines gets destroyed by Panzers. Heavy winter has set in. The endless amount of Russians force Germans to pull back more. The USA is still asleep although it is waking up. In Italy all that remains is 1 UK corp in Taranto. The Russia front now stretches from Leningrad to Minsk down the Kiev river line to Sevastapol.

Amadeus as Axis Fall 1941- Japan has taken all of northern Siberia holding its production resources. The USSR clings on to Chita but it seems the Japanese have no stomach to go further. They are planning war vs the USA. The Chinese front is stable.

UK continues its strategic bombing campaign vs Germany with unopposed success. Their convoys are well protects with emphasis being placed on the supply line to the Soviet Union. UK prepares for war with Japan.

Germany continues to push the line forward in the USSR. Slowly the Soviets are driven back to Moscow. Leningrad falls in the north, the Soviets are push back 200 miles east of the captured city holding behind a river line. Some good weather forces more retreats. Germany's main focus is capturing Moscow it seems.

Winter 1941-1942 - Finally the winter comes bring the Nazi war machine to a halt. Time is taken to reinforce the lines near Moscow and prepare a solid defence. Units are desperately replaced. The river line to the north is holding, the Kiev river line is holding although I fear Bryansk will fall soon as the Russians are short of units.

UK convoys are still relatively unmolested and the Pacific is eerily quiet.

Its is March 1942 for both games. Both of us have taken different approaches in the game. Many adjustments were made for the scenario to improve it. It is nice to play a human opponent.

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CHANGES to current scenario for upcoming update

GAME CHANGES (does not include AI)

Change - BBs and CAs down to zero from one on naval bombardment

Bombardment is unrealisitically too brutal

Added - Manchurian border activation for USSR

Fixed - USA activation vs Free Indochina being occupied by Axis forces.

Change - USSR winter effect from strength to supply

Change - Shifted North Africa 2 tiles down to make Med Sea larger

Change - Lowered UK CV experience from 1 to 0 due to balance

Added - 2 HQs for USSR in 1939

Change - USA entry now start at 13 (up from 5) but they gain activation in 1/1940

Change - Allied DOW on Italy occurs an additional +5-10 shift toward Axis for This was done because there is a "lol" penalty for France to DOW on Italy, now it costs a lot more US entry. If France DOWs on Italy early it cripples them.


Change - Upgrade cost up to 200% for UK minors except Canada and Australia

Change - Industrial modifiers, UK -10%, Germany +10%, USA -10%

UK has too much of a free hand after France falls, Germany is a little short on troops

Change - Removed 3 tanks from map and added 1 corp + 1 army for USSR

Change - Patriotic war +500 MPP, up from +400 MPP

Production and slaughter value adjustment. Germans should be able to gain some ground vs the USSR. In both games it was a grind. This might still be adjusted later in the war

Change - Italy +1 TAC

Better control of the Med

Change - Removed LRA technology from Para

Added - Pan American Security Zones for USA

For Human vs Human games.

There are also A.I. improvements not listed.

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UPDATES - USA in the WAR!!!! both games

Big Al as (Allies) - In Europe the German war engine is pushing Russian lines back slowly approaching Moscow. The most important thing is that the Russian army is stable. Summer of 1942 is coming up and we will have to see what happens. The winter gave the USSR some breathing room. The UK has prepared for the Japanese in the pacific. The Battle of the Atlantic is few and far between but now some resources are shifted to the Pacific to deal with Jap subs.

The Japanese are apparently building up in southern China for a major offensive. There has been no Pearl Harbor nor invasion on the CW islands. The UK is building up its European resources for hopefully a major offensive in 1942.

Big Al as (Axis) Italy is secure with only Toranto behind held by the UK. The invasion of southern France is rough parity. The coming turns will show if I can stem the UK invasion. Vichy was taken back and the UK army is being split in 2 with some units in NW france and others in Marcellies (spelling). The UK's invasion has ground the German offensive in the USSR to a halt while this matter is resolved. The breakthrough in the read area has been sealed resulting in 4 Russian armor/mech destroyed. The Germans took some minor land losses but 2 fighter airbases were destroyed in the savage rampage.

The battle of the Atlantic is going well. The USSR supply lines are getting destroyed and we are doubling the number of u-boats available for action. The UK is suffering at the hands of German and Jap subs.

The Pacific war has started. Rabaull, NEI, Solomons, New Caledonia have all fallen. The invasion of the Philippines will come within 2 months. No sign of the US has been seen. In China this are stable. Although a combined offensive of India and Chinese units has begun in an effort to take control of French Indo-China. Units are being shipped there to stem the advance.

In Manchuira Japan is doing a holding action advancing slowly toward the last remains of the USSR army in Siberia.

The Game? I see some very interesting developements within the game system I didnt expect. There is certainly a plan to play different strategies. I am very much enjoying both games, amadeus is not :( But I am confident this mod will be a excellent mod as I play it more and optimize it more.

A list of new fixes.

Change - Reduced costs of German land units

Change - Reduced costs of Russian infantry units

Change - Removed 1 CV from UK starting setup

Change - In creased Amphib cost from 30 to 50 with a minium of 25MPPs

Change - Added Italian HQ to East Africa

I feel it is too easy to invade, I had no issues with the Japs taking places. Invasions are serious undertaking and the Allies only did 4 major landings (if Im correct) in WW2. The UK is simply too powerful in BF with the way the system works after France falls. They literally have nothing to do except screw with the Germans with a full economy. So the cost of logistics overseas is increase to compensate for this.

Also there is a lack of units in the USSR for both the Germans and the USSR. So I lowered costs of both sides for land units

Germans - They were the best soldier man for man in my opinion so all land units are reduced in cost to reflect this

USSR - All infantry units are reduced in cost due to their infinite, well almost, manpower resource. Hopefully this will balance Barbarossa and create a true front allowing for breakthroughs.

I am considering making crossing through an enemy +2 APs instead of +1. I am examining this modification.

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Hey guys, here is a new pic from my Axis game.

Last turn Big Al took Rome and Italy surrender. I try to defend but it will be difficult. More and more pressure in Asia. I don't have enough mpps to reinforce all my troops. Again partisans took one city and make my play difficult here.


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War is about to enter 1943.

Amadeus as Axis:

Japan keeps pounding Chinese and Burma positions slowly pushing them back. Japan controls easteran Sibera, NEI, and the Philippines. They have not taken Papua New Guinea, Wake, Midway, or Rabaul. I feel they are trying to crush the Chinese and indians. So far the CW has lose ~3 ship counters in battles within the Indian Sea with the Japanese maybe losing 1 CA. US and USSR submarines are hitting Jap convoys from across the Pacific. So far the rest is quite and the USA fleet hasnt been heard of in the presence of the very experienced Jap fleet.

The Germans made a push for Gorki but have not taken it. They seem to have fallen back to defensive positions during the winter considering their options. In southern USSR the Germans are trying to break the Rostov southern front to make a run at the the Baku oil fields. The defense line is slowly crumbing under the pressure.

Italy has fallen to the UK/US and the allies have gotten to the gates or Rome. 3 German armor/mech has been pulled from the eastern front to deal with the allies. Their attacks are slowly pushing the in experienced allies back toward Naples.

Strategic bombing continues to pound German cities and is only escalating. A large battle of the atlantic insued with not many results. German subs avoided most of the combat. The allies detected the u-boat build up via intel.

So far the allied armies cant compare to the experience of the Germans.

Al as Axis:

Germany has gotten to the gates of Moscow and it has exchanged control twice. the USSR still holds Leningrad and Rostov to the south. Most of the combat is centered around Tula and Moscow. In the south the front is quiet as the German focus is the Soviet capital.

Italy appears safe for now as there is no sign of allied movement in the med.

In Western France the allies landed again in Brest and are using their navy to keep Axis units from taking it during the winter. A defensive line has been formed in bottling up the area. Only the summer months will tell the results of this engagement.

U-boats are now being contested fiercly in the Atlantic as battles for control rage back and forth. Meanwhile japanese subs are uncontested in the Pacific hitting CW convoy lines as their leasure.

Change - Reduced costs of German land units

Change - Reduced costs of Russian infantry units

Change - Removed 1 CV from UK starting setup

Change - In creased Amphib cost from 30 to 50 with a minium of 25MPPs

Change - Added Italian HQ to East Africa

Added - Gave USSR a 2nd engineer


Change - Lowered tech costs for many fields from 125 to 100

Fixed - Force pools for NEI and Hungary, they had extra units

Added - 0 MPPs for Ireland, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia

Removed - Industrial modifiers from 4/21

I am considering removing the Africa map from the game. Nothing goes on there and its too large to cover with escorts vs subs. It basically serves no real purpose. I might just reduce the areas of south and west africa to what is called "off map areas" that are abstractly represented.

Japan is at a stalemate in Burma and in China not giving or gaining any ground. Their focus seems to be elsewhere. Almost all of the Pacific islands are under Japanese control including Pearl harbor. Only Midway and Pago Pago are in allied hands.

1943 will be an interesting year as the USA production will start having its effects. Amadeus says he is out of things to build for the USA but Im not sure how that is possible since my USA isnt close to having anything out.

We are taking different approaches to the game which is good. He has been tremendous in helping me find numerous bugs and game balancing features.

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Still a strange war to me. Production queue is going to the end as Allies. NO more ground troops to build in 1943 and that don't mean that I have a chance to dominate. I don't produce much ships cause that will last a big time and marine combat has only little effect. I always guess that in history the opposite was true. Anyway now I have to produce what has left. Some air vessels maybe. But it is so much rain on the map!??


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Gotta build ships man.

Update Jan-Aug 1943 - Woo wee what a game.

Amadeus as Axis - German panzers keep pressing on the USSR army slowly destroying it. Germans are playing a mobile defense strategy with few units ont he front. USSR attacks and its crushed. Neither side gains ground but the USSR units are pushed back. USSR is desperate for releif under the continuous onslaught of the Germans.

ALLIED LAND IN FRANCE!!! Allies land in May 1943 in a desperate attempt to save the USSR from collapse. The strategy works as it pulls out many units from the Eastern Front. Paris is liberated in June "yeaee USA". Allies enter Western Italy as well as they sweep south across southern France but a German mech corp holds on to Marseilles defiantly and the Allies have to pull back.

Allies pushed back to Sicily by 1/2 the German panzer corps in . But the Germans are starting to feel the pressure of allied production. They are starting to be spread thin. Allied air superiority takes its toll. In the Summer of 1943 the Allies press again out of Sicily. The line stands now at the gates of Belgium to Metz to Marseilles.

Pacific - Jan-July - China holding, Burma holding (just barely), USN takes Marshalls, Truk, Rabaul, Papua/New Guinea, and the Marianas unopposed. A port strike is done on the Yokohama shipyard sinking one CV. A large naval battle insues outside the coast of Japan with both sides taking huge damage with only 2-3 ships sunk on each side. Both sides retreat for repairs. In August Allied intel spots a Jap CV where it shouldnt be and USN battle ships ambush it in a night action and sink it. Tensions are building for a final conflict.

Big Al as Axis:

Allies invade Portugal and Abwher detect an allied build up and warns Spain. Franco doesnt believes the accusations. Allied invade Spain and swiftly take it out. Germans rush the Spanish mountian line to contain the allies. A battle of attrition occurs for 6 months. The Axis armies infict serious damage but can't compete vs the Allied production and ability to replace units. The mountain line is starting to break. Only the superior Axis airforce keeps the allies at bay out numbering them 3 to 1.

Allies hold on to Brest and use naval superiority to keep Axis units out of the area. A defensive line is formed to keep the allies bottled in. Intel spots allied units building up i

In Brest major fight breaks out without either side giving ground.

As the situation is becoming critical the Germans start pulling back from Moscow and forming defensive lines to reduce losses and give ground for time to recover. The soviets reclaim the Moscow, Leningrad area, and push the Germans back to the Smolensk line. The line is holding but at the cost of many panzer units.

In the Pacific.... a completely unchecked Japan is destroying everything in site. All pacific islands are captured. New Zealand is taken, Burma is taken (spring) , India invaded (summer), Hawaii invaed (spring), Asustralia invaded (late summer) and THE USA INVADED "WTF?! (Summer)" USN is sunk in port in San Francisco bay!!! The elite forces of the IJN marine corp capture Los Angeles and push toward San Francisco. It takes almost 2 months for the Allies to respond with units and airpower. The national guard in a stunning defense keeps the Japs at bay and lets reinforcements come in to stop the invasion. It is Auguest now and the front is stable. Sadly the USN has taken crippling losses. The Japanese navy now rules supreme outnumbering the USN by almost 2 to 1.

Notes -

Playing Amadeus really has taught me a lot of lessons and has more than helped balance the game better. In the latest patch I introduced static corps. A defensive unit for the Germans. Reduced UK production a little, USAAF from 14 to 10 air units. Increased the USSR +1 mech and gave them more staying power throughout the war. I also added roadwork in the USSR to the historical 1942 line for better supply.

I still feel that Japan the pacific is balanced despite these weird results in both games. The games are extremes but thats good. I want people to try and exploit it to the max. To find loopholes.

Personally for me the best game is a game that goes to 1945 where every turn counts. Not one where in 1942 it is clear who won. But one where the German player drives the game and has ample chance to do well.

Amadeus has been excellent in finding all the holes I missed.

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Winter of 1943-1944

Amadeus as Axis - Germans keep pushing and shift their USSR offensive south. They take Stalingrad (Stalin is sad, and shoot 86 officers). Their armies swing south for the rich oil fields of Baku. USSR ships units via the Caspian sea and fill the Caucasus with Soviet armies. Germans look like they are forming defensive positions in the north.

In France the Allies keep pouring in reinforcements into France. Germans still hold Marseilles and Lyon now (surrounded). The front stablizes and the Germans fall back to the Seigfried line. The only battles raging is the street to street fighting in Brussels and Metz. In Italy the allies start a new offensive pressing the beleaguered Axis powers in Italy. There is heavy combat around Naples. The spring and summer will give allied airpower the advantage they need. The winter brings a calm to war overall.

In the Pacific combat continues in Burma between Indian and Japanese units. In late fall a 2nd large naval battle occors off the coast of Japan. Weather favors the Axis as 3 Allied ships are sunk for ZERO japanese. The Allies try and grab the Philippines but are pushed back. The USN has to retreat and repair at Rabaul and Truk. The IJN is well trained and prepared for the arsenal of Democracy.

Big Al as Axis - Germans pull back to a line defending the Baltics to Smolensk to the Dnepneir in the East. The Soviets do not pursue and instead decide to build up for a large scale offensive. In the west The allies are held at Brest with huge losses. In Spain the grind continues as savage fighting occurs between Germans in the mountains and Allied troops in Spain. In the spring and summer that line will break the Germans fear. The Battle of the Atlantic has come to a close with very few U-boats available for action. The allies expended the whole of their navy hunting down U-boats in 1943.

The Pacific - The USA reacts to the Japanese invasion and repulses attempts on capturing San Francisco. An allied fleets comes from the south and wipes out a Jap carrier force by complete surprise. The rest of the IJN escape but not the army general who gets killed at sea. An offer to surrender is given to the japanese in Los Angeleis but all the Allies get is the word "nuts". Savage fighting occurs in L.A. which is now a wasteland.

The Japanese continue their relentless assault on Australia and gather their naval forces for the upcoming decisive naval battle. The IJA is marching down closer and closer to Sydney. In China the Japs started their advancement again breaking through the center line and commensing an attack on Kunming.... Fighting in India continues but long supply lines..... wait a second.... we are getting a new report from India... collapsed government? Surrender? It seems the Japanese gathered an elite force of paratroopers and dropped in on an undefended New Dehli... Indian forces retreat in a desperate attempt to remove the divisions from their capital giving up defensive positions vs the IJA. With their supplies cut and the enemies in front and behind India has surrendered. This is a sad day indeed for the Common Wealth. The last remaining naval base for the allies int he Pacific is Australia.

--- notes


Change - Better Axis AI Defense for France

Change - Improved Jap AI in China

Fixed - Added partisans in Spain


Change - Gave USSR and Germany production tech in 1939 scenario

Change - USA reduced to 10 FTRs from 14.

Change - Lowered air unit costs

Change - Removed 1 mine in Canada

Added - 10 Static units for Germany (new unit replacing rail gun)

Added - 1 mech in force pool for USSR


Change - Swapped corp for Army in Canton

Change - Jap A.I. improvement for China

Added - Moral losses for Axis if certain areas taken

Added - Text for moral losses on map

Change - Lowered ship cost by 20%

Change - Added roads in USA

Change - Extended roadword in USSR

Change - Better German France preparation A.I.

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Spring to Summer 1944

Amadeus as Axis - Germans are in a desperate situation. The allies are at the Seigfried line in the south of France, and are pressing German cities to the north. "Why walk into a stone wall when you can go around it" says Patton. Their homeland invaded. In a last attempt to gain momentum they are pushing the Russians into the Causcausus mountain range trying to force the USSR to collapse. The USSR is out of men and almost out of time. Fighting is fierce but hold on there comrades!!!

In the pacific a large battle is starting to take shape in the Philippine Sea. Allied forces have returned for a 2nd time to the island paradise. A massive naval action has started. A few allied ships damaged and 2-3 jap vessals sunk so far but the weather turned for the worse and we are sure the japs will put up a fight. India is still being pressed by Jap forces and they are being pushed back to Calcutta. Fear not reinforcements are on the way. Action in Italy is slowpaced and a grind. The allies have retaken Naples and are pressing forward. In the Alps the allies have surrounded and destroyed 2 of Germany's best units and are pressing into Italy itself.

Notes: there is 1 year left in the game. If Amadeus can force a surrender of the USSR it should get interesting. I dont think he will be able to do it in time. The aresnal of democracy is in full swing.

Big Al as Axis - The IJN is uncontested. The allied fleet is no where to be found?!?! Do they recognize our superiority? Yamamoto thinks not. The whole of the Pacific is Japanese with only Australia and China defying to the bitter end. A curious note that Pesia was taken by the USSR. Several submarines spotted Russian transports and sent them to the bottom of the sea, although Zhukov escaped. What are the Russians upto?

In Western Europe the Spring was a stalement with little going on. The Americans gained ground in Spain at a price. They are almost clear of the mountin range. Allied airpower is starting to come into play but experienced German fighter pilots are up to the task. The time has given Germany a chance to build up their defenses and forces. After receiving the Japanese Intel on USSR troop movements the Abwher suspects the allies have a deceptive plan in store somewhere. The Russian front is quite. Defenses were built, troops supplied but no Russian offensive?!?!?! In fact no unit in site?! Italy is still unmolested but the lack of combat has allowed Italy to double their efforts in technology and maximize their army. A brief attempt in the Spring was made to recapture Tripoli by paratrooper but the allies were quick to respond. A new report in.... Allied have landed in Denmark. Fortunately Germany is ready with troops and tanks in the area.

Game changes


Fixed - German 1944 production error

Change - Spanish setup to both defend vs Axis or Allied invasions

Change - Some defense bonuses for terrain


Change - Port naval spotting increased to 4 from 1

Change - Anti-air unit has land unit defense of 1 and better AA

Change - Improved Allied AI in France and Africa

Change - Decision event added to reroute convoy system for Allies in the Mediterranean

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Fall to Winter 1944

Amadeus as Axis - The german push through the Causcaus has come to a halt as has all offensives in the USSR. The weight of the Western Allied is taking a serious toll on Germany itself. The allies are left facing young boys and old men. The Seigfried line was cracked by going behind it. German troops were pulled from the Russian front but too little too late. In winter the allies blitzed through the north of Germany and took Berlin. The capital was moved to Vienna and the allied are sure to take it by Spring. Italy was attacked from the Alps and allied positions are closing on Rome surrounding Axis units stranded there.

Pacific - Japs reinforce Burma to hold on to the oil there. They push Indian armies back across the Jungle and start invading India itself. Philippines is invaded and the naval battle of attrition just south of Japan favors the allies with their superior numbers and production. The Japs cant repair and replace fast enough. Their land based naval air arm is being destroyed. The USN, RN, and French navies are closing in on Japan, its only a matter of time.

--- this game was ended because the allies had a whole summer to deal with the Axis and it seemed kinda obvious the allies were the victors.

Big Al as Axis - IJN STILL uncontested, In winter Australia falls. The USSR in Manchuria start building up and the Japs with almost endless resources now build up a defense. With complete control of the Pacific the IJN again builds up to invade America. But this time the US is prepared and serious combat occurs outside L.A. and San Francisco. China begins to collapse under the pressure of the IJA.

In Europe the Russians finally show their hand, they invade Turkey coordinating with the USA. Turkey falls quickly to their assault. Istanbul is a large batteground between Axis and Allied forces. The Russians press near Smolensk and the Germans do a delaying action in exchange for time. They fall back to the Riga river line. The combined concentration of allied forces, while scrificing the Pacific, is starting to take its toll. Too many Axis units are needed in too many places to defend the Reich. Germans have shortened their lines and are falling back. The Dnepneir is taken easily as the Axis fall back to Romania to defend there. Clear weather clears allied aircraft and they crack the defense line north of Paris. The axis airforce is now out numbered and taking shots where it can. The power of the US Airforce is now showing itself. A delay action is done near paris to allow German units to escape to the next defense line near the German border.

Notes - with the full weight of the allied forces vs Germany it should be interesting if Germany can hold on to a capital. The allies have ~14 turns to take them out. I dont think they can do it. Amadeus has rules lawyered and expoited just about every weakness in BF that I didnt see. I think its great. I have closed so many loopholes in the game due to his extreme strategy of rules exploitation that the game is far better than it was before.

I am playing a new game vs one of the most experience wargamers I know. He is also helping me test the A.I. to find holes in their logic and make recommendations.


Added - Alpine impassable squares in Alps, Pyrenees, and Causcausus mountain areas

Change - Improved Allied Pacific A.I.

Change - Added units to Spain against an easy Axis or Allied invasion


Added - Spain joins Axis if Alies invade Portugal (balancing effect, too easy for Allies to invade Spain instead of Normandy)


Change - Added units to Turkey against an easy Axis or Allied invasion

Change - Improved Chinese A.I. defense

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Spring 1945 --- 10 turns left ---

Big Al as Axis - Japan finally gets some action as Russians are massing on the Manchurian border. China is collapsing... isolated... alone... and under the heel of the IJA. The USA has large defenses bow and I keep trying to get in to the West Coast to see Hollywood but Amadeus wont let me :(

In Europe the Allies are starting to penetrate the West Wall. It is still rain so Germany can expect an onslught of Allied airpower come May. Allies dropped elite commandos in one of Germany's Synth plants destroying it, they died though. Allies invaded Switzerland in an attempt to get around the German line but 2 Pz corp were at the border, took back Zurich, and rolled up a defense line in the Alps. The Italians gave up a little of their western border to shorten their lines.

In the East Romania falls, and Bulgaria is about to fall. The Russians and Allies are in the Romanian mountains and on the border of Hungary. Fighting continues in Latvia and 5 German corps are captured in a double envelopment by the Russians between Vilna and Riga.


Change - Victory conditions based on controlling Major (3 pts) and Minor (1 pt) capitals by the Axis (18 Axis Decisive, 9 draw, 0 Allied decisive) the rest between.

Added - 1 more corp to Switzerland

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