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British 2" Mortar - HE, WP and Smoke

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I noticed that the British 2" mortars have WP and Smoke rounds. I thought that White Phosphorus rounds were smoke rounds??

Can anyone explain the difference between the 2" WP and Smoke rounds and how each should be used with their proper tactics?

There are a number of different types of smoke grenades.

WP = White Phosphorus smoke rounds. In this type of smoke round, a small explosive burster disperses white phosphorus, which burns on contact with the oxygen in the air, creating a dense, white smoke cloud. WP bursters generate a lot of smoke very quickly, so they're often used when you need a lot of smoke in a hurry. For example, defensive smoke mortars on tanks usually use WP. WP smoke grenades are also actually a combination smoke/incendiary round -- the white phosphorus burns very hot, so it sets things on fire pretty easily. The smoke is also caustic, so even if infantry isn't hit by burning WP in the initial burst, infantry generally can't stay within a dense WP smoke cloud without negative effects.

I don't know what the other kind of smoke munition the WWII 2" mortar used, but the other very common type of military smoke grenade is HC smoke, which generates smoke from a hexachloroethane-based reaction. HC smoke shells are usually "base ejecting", emitting the smoke from the base of the shell over time rather than bursting. This makes them more useful for signalling & target marking purposes, among other things. Like WP smoke, HC smoke is caustic (it contains hydrochloric acid), but HC smoke shells do not have the incendiary effect that WP does. So if you're shooting smoke at something you *don't* want to set on fire, HC is better.

As to what the differences between the smoke shells are in the game, and how to utilize them, I am not sure... CMBN doesn't yet model incendiary effects, so this difference probably isn't in the game (yet). Theoretically, there should be some differences in how quickly the smoke develops, how long it hangs around, and its effects on nearby troops.

Guess this merits some testing...

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WP is a type of smoke round that also has an anti-personnel effect.

Smoke is a type of smoke round that doesn't have an anti-personnel effect (except occasionally, when the carrier shell hits one on the bonce)

The smoke from the two rounds has different characteristics in real life (WP smoke tends to plume and rise, HC smoke tends to stay closer to the ground), but I'm not sure how that's reflected in the game.

I'm not sure if - in the game - you can specifically designate which smoke rounds you want to use. I don't think you can. Each 2-in mortar has enough smoke rounds (counting both types) to create one pretty decent-sized smoke screen to cover one move of its platoon.

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Generally, "smoke" is a burning type shell, creating a persistent smoke screen originating at the point of impact. The screening effect takes longer to build, but lasts longer. "Smoke" poses little threat to personnel.

"WP" bursts with casualty effect within a certain radius (less than HE). The smoke builds more rapidly but dissipates faster also.

When both types of shell are available, the WP appears to always be used first.

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The very first CW battle I played was 18 Platoon which had a 2 inch mortar in it.

I was surprised to be given a 2" mortar which I can't remember using in CMBO. Lovely piece of kit to carry around and have it follow the platoon around for immediate support.

One question:

I know the manual says you can't have artillery spotters getting access to the 2 inch mortar, but is it possible for the platoon HQ to have the 2" mortar perform indirect fire if the platoon HQ is close enough to shout instructions?



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