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HMG Deploy Issue

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Can someone please confirm that German HMGs still seem to have the "deploy" bug. Maybe I'm missing something but they don't seem to use the "deploy penalty" when setting up HMG. I've done some tests and they seem to pack up properly but I've yet to see them "deploy" for the proper amount of time.

I've not checked other coalition HMGs.

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Confirmed. HMGs appear to be deploying instantly.

Test is one MG42 team given a Quick move order. End point is selected and given first a Deploy order and then a area target order.

Team arrives. Time: ~.56


Instant deploy. Time: .53


Firing. Time: .50


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...for so long that I thought an official report had been made a long time ago... But I can't find hide nor hair of one.

Consider it sent up the official BF.C chain.

Frankster65, thank you for presenting this.

Vanir Ausf B, thank you for the test and screenshots.

Sending a report now...


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