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Can you use "Blast" command on AFVs?

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I don't think so, no.

However, infantry with demo charges will sometimes use them when close assaulting enemy armor. There is no direct control of this by the player, though.

Enemy vehicles can also be damaged by nearby demo blasts. For example, if you order a team to breach a wall and there's an enemy vehicle on the other side, that vehicle might be damaged by the blast.

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No, close assault on tanks with grenades and satchel charges initiates when the infantry are in the same or an adjacent tile to the tank. 10m is probably a good rule of thumb.

Interesting observation, a quick test against a tank with no ammo should clear that one up.

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They'll use it automatically. I've tried ordering blast commands on tanks, and it didnt work out for me.

I've seen it used on a tank before, and I've also seen them tossed about against infantry. Schultz calls them the 'lunch boxes of doom' which is an apt description of how it looks =D

I preferred the actual satchel looking graphic from CMBO honestly

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Ok, you can't create a tank with no ammo so this is just a tank being attacked by a Breach Team, at 30 and 15 metres they just use grenades, but within 10 metres they use the charge without setting a blast command, which destroys the tank completely. (I turned smoke off for the first picture)



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