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Campaign Editor problem

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I bought this game recently, think I got an older version that probably needs to be updated but anyway- I am trying to use the editor to make modifications- I get all the units placed and alliances re-aligned, etc but then cannot save any of my work. I cannot overwrite the existing campaign, of course. But when I try to do a 'save as' my system locks up. I left it alone for awhile and it still is on the clock after 30 minutes so assume it's a lost cause.

Any suggestions? I had the European comflict game for years and played the hell out of it and was always able to create interesting modifications. Am running Windows 7 with lots of disk space so what's the problem? Many thanks.

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When you make your changes to the campaign, the scripts might need to be checked before it will allow the "save as" to be made.

It would be best to check this first, as although doing so shouldn't normally lock up your system, it can take some minutes to do this.

You can see if the scripts need checking after making your amendments by clicking on Campaign and then Edit AI scripts (and afterwards) Edit Event scripts.

If any script types are showing with an * next to them, then the engine will need to check them before you can hit "save as". Press Update * and it will check them.

I hope this is it, but if not please let us know.


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