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Possible GOLD problem w/Naval Bombard

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From my prior posts, I am just starting GOLD because I was incorrectly practicing on the nonGold version.

I am on turn 2 of the 1939 campaign and I just Naval Bombarded the heck out of Foochow with two BBs and two Cruisers.

1. No effect on Entrenchment and no noticeable affect on any factor of the Chinese unit.

2. My ships were hurt badly (each BB lost two).

3. Message that one or two MPPs had been affected.

I know I just started with Gold, but that HAS got to be wrong. I am not a programming, but I think the tinkering with the Entrenchment Reduction changes (from Tac) may be the culprit. But I could be dead wrong on the reason, I was just throwing that out there.

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Well, in the WW1 game (I can't speak for Gold), the last patch upped the port defense value, and I think it is finally perfect. Before, ships in port were getting destroyed with little or no damage to the bombarder. Ports are supposed to represent safe havens for ships, well defended with big guns, minefields, etc., and dangerous to attack directly.

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Thank you. I did not so much have a problem with damaging my BBs, I had a problem that the Entrenchment was unaffected. That is a game changer if you have an elaborate plan to capture something and you are willing to lose lots of MPPs (repair BBs) and you get no result.

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Hello UFC Addict ^^ ,

- Seems you're following the same path as me more or less :) : I also had the "Foochow surprise" when attempting to hammer the chinese corps with my BBs big guns.

- Actually, naval shore bombardment works fine as well as bombing but they both have one issue: when attacking a tile ressource they attack the ressource first (hence the "MPPs lost message") so tactical damages are very reduced.

- If you attack ressourceless tiles you won't have this problem but beware of defensive bonuses like ND (Naval Defense). I managed to reduce fortresses (like Corregidor or Malta) entrenchment levels with BBs though it seems I failed to deentrench in some attacks. Need to play more to be sure.

- A screen about Foochow (note the combat indicators with brackets):


- A screen from the manual:


- Better save your BBs to kill-deentrench units outside city/ressource tiles. Maybe allowing strategic attack only in "raider" mode for naval unit would help ?

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Thanks guys.

Strategiclayabout, what are those modifiers you circled (SA=1; ND=0 (+2DB)?

It seems you are I are new to this, except you appear to be much smarter than I. Are you interested in a PBEM? I will do either side.

If so, can we do the 1939 regular thing? Also, if one of us is really killing the other, maybe we could call a truce in like 1942 and start a new game switching sides or something like that? I say that because I think GC can get out of control very fast if you do not grasp the vastness of the events (does that make sense)?

I am usually only available in the evenings for a few turns. On the weekends, I can do more.

If you are not interested, I have no problem with that.

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You're welcome :) ,

- SA is "Soft Attack" or the capacity the BB has to attack the infantry unit.

ND is "Naval Defense" or the ability of the target to defend against naval unit attacks.

DB is "Defensive Bonus" (here from terrain)

- So when the japanese BB attacks you have to add the naval defense of the unit = 0 and the naval defense bonus for the attacked tile = 1 (city) + 1 (hill).

- For other bonuses, look at pages 156-157-158 of the manual, it can be of help when lost in modifiers. But all in all, it's just about having better numbers on the left (if you attack).


- Smarter ? Well, I got my a** kicked by the AI on beginner level so, er... :D

- PBEM: funny, I was about to ask you the same thing under same conditions; Don't even know how to PBEM yet :P , let's discuss everything by PM.

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