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  1. Wow, what an incredible super awesome AAR. I am buying this over the weekend. Is it possible you two could switch sides and do this all over again? Thank you.
  2. It is hard to find PBEM, I have 2 games going. I am hoping after the patch things pick up. As far as how is it without the patch, I cannot vouch for play balance yet, but it works great. There are some enhancements (assistance with movement because it is almost impossible to determine in the mountains and other places; and right now NM means nothing). But it is good to go. If you want to give it a try, I have never been CP and I will try that. Or you can be CP, whatever you want. Be aware that I am highly confident that I am not very good. So if you want a top player, pass me by for no
  3. Dragon, I sent you an email and a PM. Whatever side you want. I prefer Entente because it does not require as much skill. I am presently being beaten by someone playing CP and I am the Entente, but they appear to be a non-mistake-making-machine.., man! You European guys are good!
  4. I purchased the WW1 version about two weeks ago. It is great, but I already have my eye on this one "Global Conflict" because the WW 1 version is so awesome. Anyway, as you can see, I also think it would be a huge enhancement to show the movement costs for ALL tiles. It prevents huge mistakes. There does not seem to be a need to guess at how the movement works on enemy positions.
  5. I am new to Battlefront and this game. I have been practicing against AI for about 6 hours and played both sides. CP takes skill, so I want to be Entente until I get the hang of all of this. So far, this game looks really great and the AI is killing me. Looking for a PBEM. I work 9-5 so I can do several turns each night. I hope that is okay.
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