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GOLD questions

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After looking at the screenshots from Strategiclayabout, I just realized I was spending all my time NOT on the Gold version because I did not follow the download directions. As you can tell, I am not very bright.

So after spending all this time on the unGold version, I was wondering if someone could provide input on some quick observations I have reading the Expansion notes?

1) Are subs now signficantly weakened as a Naval weapon and are now just Raiders? This hurts Axis?

2a) Tacs are not as good because you need to spend separate research and cannot get the quick loss of entrenchment (need level 2). This hurts the Axis because they have all the good stuff in the beginning?

2b) Do Fighters still cause any Entrenchment loss?

2c) Do Bombers still cause 2 Entrenchment loss?

3) Are there details on what causes something to Retreat?

4) National Morale's ONLY role is to make sure you do not get <1%?

5) Research is much easier to achieve results?

6) Something about being able to turn off Raiding option. Is this new, I thought this was how it worked?

Thanx again for all of the Forum help.

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Hehehe ^^ ,

- I made the same mistake, installed SC without Gold the first time. It's more about wanting to play quiiiiick than being not bright, I think :P .

- My answers to your questions:

1) It's more like they were tuned down as offensive weapons. They're designed to raid convoys and ambush military ships/transports or do recon for surface fleets. With lowered offensive value after moving they still can be used very effectively to hunt wounded targets (damaged CV or BB). Silent mode is your friend, just remember to keep subs outside of spotting range (especially ports) and enemy air cover range.

2a) Tacs are still good (see your other post), they still have the 2 deentrench and at tech level 2 you gain 1 deentrench plus you can extend their strike range with long range aircraft tech.

2b) Yep fighters still have 1 deentrench (you can text it quickly with the japanese one against chinese units). You'll take losses but it's worth it at the beginning.

2c) Yes, I think, I used the german bomber to soften french entrenchment north of Maginot line (but do not use it against Paris, it will target MPPs first). And since they can attack twice they actually have 4 deentrench pet turn. Often come in handy. However, don't forgot your own air cover has less range than your bombers, I did it and the poor bomber was badly mauled by allied interceptors.

3) From what I saw ingame, it's a combination of factors:

lower supply/morale/readiness come first

(of course if the unit is encircled or cornered near coast, it can't retreat whatever :) )

other factors less important I'm not sure about are:

no HQ support/attachment (linked with factors above)

no nearby friendly units (?)

lower defensive bonus (mostly entrenchment level or terrain like being in a city)

4) In a dummy game I played, Italy and Germany surrendered and their NM was put at 50... And when they went downhill military speaking they were around 75-70.

So I'm not sure, but you have the displayed NM value on screen (lower right corner) and each NM objective you capture increases your NM and decreases enemy NM.

- Let's say Russian NM value is low in 1942, it can be interesting to go for Moscow as "the last kick in the rotten house's door" instead of trying to grab more MPP's in the south or go defensive.

5) I wouldn't say research is "easier" but "less random". If you invest MPPs in a field you'll get results sooner or later but in a fairly clear time window. From my dummy games I'd say it tends to reduce extreme technology gaps like having germans at armor 0 and russians at 4 for Barbarossa (if you were very unlucky research wise).

- I see the 40% thing as an incentive to double or triple investments in your prioritized fields of research: the sooner you reach 40%, the quicker you have a chance of breaktrough and the quicker you can get your chits back to put on something else.

6) Don't know for previous SC but being able to switch is a good thing anyway so I don't care about before ^^ .

Hope it'll help ;) .

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Just a couple of things to add to Strategiclayabout's answers:

3) The main determinant on retreats is the strength of the targeted unit, so that if it is less than 5 it has a chance of retreating unless it is defending a capital, city, fortress or is entrenched. If none of these apply, then it might flee for safety when attacked!

6) The switch for Raiders has been in since, if I remember correctly, Global Conflict. The option is now under players' control because if you want to move naval units to where there is a convoy, and lie in ambush, the last thing you want is your ships to do some raiding and give away your position.


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