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Nitpick from Commonwealth videos

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This is a completely trivial nitpick that will not affect the game in the slightest, and I apologise in advance... so here goes.

When the Bren is fired from a stable position, the carrying handle is always folded down to the left. The animation in the video shows the Bren being fired with it in the upright position which is wrong.

How do I know this? Back in '79/80 my unit actually had the 7.62mm version of the Bren, which was essentially a converted Mk 2. (Great weapon) We also had a couple of D.P. (drill purposes) Mk 1s.

Apologies again.


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AND - its not really a carrying handle.

Its only really meant to be used when changing barrels.

Although it was used as a carrying handle - and if a stupid gunner had not ensured that the barrel was properly seated after cleaning it and then took it on patrol, that stupid gunner was faced with an anxious 10 minutes rummaging around the bottom of a german hedge looking for LMG bits when the main part of the weapon responded to the urgings of gravity and took leave of the barrel.

In the dark.

In the rain.

And just the vaguest idea of where the rest of the patrol was.

Ahhh - those were the days.

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Around the 1980's I believe.

As I said in a previous post, my nitpick with the video is how long it took the Bren gunner to reload (10 seconds). Seems awfully slow, but it was a pretty poor clip so I will wait until I see more videos or play the module to launch a full scale complaining campaign.

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The infantry stopped using it, but the support arms kept it for some time. For example a jimpy is a bit too much kit to carry around for an artillery crew, however an LMG just suits the bill. From what I can gather, units handed over their LMGs when they switched from SLR/SMG to the SA80, as the LSW version of the SA80 took over the role (allegedly).

And whilst I never fired the Bren - just the 7.62 LMG, I totally agree with you on the speed in which mags can be changes, with a switched on No.2 the empty mag could be off and the new one fitted in a blink.

Now filling the mags up with loose rounds is another matter - that could take forever, especially if your hands were cold and wet.

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