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New player Email game?

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I just finished my first play against the AI in this little gem of a game. Got it out of boredom a few weeks ago to kill a few hours in the evenings after work...definitely did not expect it to be one of the best wargames I've ever played. Wow. I have to go back 10-12 years for the last computer game release that grabbed me like this one.

Anyways, anyone want to try an e-mail game against me? New players preferred because I'm really green (the world's lucky I wasn't in charge of things back then), but I'll play anyone any side really.

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I am presently playing the other vastly more intelligent newcomer, Strategiclay. We are on Turn 6 and he is the Axis. I think we are learning from each other, well to be honest, Strategiclay is helping me enormously.

I am up for another game. I can do 1-2 turns in the evenings during the week and maybe more on the weekends.

I will take either side, it does not matter to me.

Did you see the AAR, Catacol is going to whip you terribly. But I am sure you will learn a lot from that massacre and use your experience against newbies like me.

I will send you a PM with my email.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for playing. UFC, take Axis and start it up - my e-mail's a little further up in this thread. De Natt, I'll try to get our game going later today. I'll be Axis in that one.

....and I think 4 games going at once will be plenty!

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So we have:


Strategiclayabout (me) - UFC Addict

UFC Addict - Peterk

Peterk - Catacol Highlander

DeNatt - Peterk

Catacol Higlander: 1 game (at least) + official AAR game

Peterk: 4 games (good luck ^^ !)

UFC Addict: 2 games (one with me)

DeNatt: 1 game (ally)

(me): 1 game (axis)

So I'll play ally against DeNatt if he wants :) .

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