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New file at the Repository: Backbreaker (2012-02-07)

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I played this scenario last night, not realizing until afterwards the lack of AI plans. It has potential. particularly when AI plans have been developed, perhaps initially for Red. What I might suggest is that Blue gets some armoured reinforcements later in the game, perhaps 40 or 50 minutes into the game.Red might also be given a force, perhaps from reservist infantry units to hold the bridge, farm and riverline. Later on some additional armoured forces might arrive to assist these forces. SAince this is a full scale Syrian civil war both sides could be given some air support.

I note there is a NATO scenariobut it does not have a NATO force. The Blue Force could be replaced with Germans, Dutch or Canadians with some air support. Comments for Red as above.

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Thanks for the comments LUCASWILLEN05, the NATO version just has trucks so makes it incompatible with those without the NATO module. Given such a small change, there was little effort in replacing the trucks with jeeps to let others play the scenario :)

As for reinforcements I think the game would struggle if any more units are added. PBEM turns are dangerously close to what it takes to crash the game as it is!

I was aiming to get a lot of movement in this battle with non existant "front lines" so all troops are mechanised and there is a lot of terrain to drive around in. Making the country quite rough allows me to let more troops occupy a smaller area without becoming static.

I considered air support quite hard. It would be fun for plinking tanks certainly, but I couldn't add it at deployment because people would just bombard their opponents starting areas and their call in times are very long for a fluid battle!

I have played through 2 versions of this battle now and this is the 3rd iteration. Every time I play it involves a lot of movement and horrendous casualties on both sides - there is a lot of firepower here! One satisfying this is that you never feel limited in your forces you can direct a company to attack a squad or position a whole platoon of ATGMs or bombard the enemy with a battery of artillery... :cool:

I welcome people remixing the scenario in any way they like. If you want to add western forces then be my guest :)

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UIsing the German option for NATO would be particularly interesting as they only have fixed wing air support. Easily dealt with as you can give them support from other NATO nations. Canadian, Dutch and Marinroptions or a mix would be interesting particularly for a Northern Front scenario circa earl to mid July after Alleppo has fallen. Looking at the printed campaign map tank battleswould be a particularly appropriate setting around Salamiyah and Zaydal Dutch and Canadians could come down as reinforcements for these actions

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