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Yet more images - but what a story


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The boy with the Davey Crockett hat has got "Future serial killer" written all over him. He even looks like he's digging a grave for a small animal.

Aff, it's a little girl.

And judging by the neatness of the jumpsuit, the fact the parents got her glasses at an early age and the auto she probably just got out of, me I'd guess she was from the wealthy, double-parented end of the social bell curve. Which usually doesn't produce serial killers.

Now, hippie chick or drug addict or Trotskyite 1960s war protester: I'd call all that a definite possibility in this young lady's future. A 1950s girl allowed to dig in the dirt, or supervised insufficiently to prevent her digging in the dirt, I would say would be a high-odds candidate for clashes with authority come the teenage and college years.

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I don't think it can be established for certain either way. If you believe that there was an original caption by the photographer its a girl. If you think some one has gone along at a later date and made guesses it could be either. I think on balnce it might be a boy. Because it is a Daniel Boone hat and the hair down by the ear looks short.

However I could well be wrong and its not that important if I am wrong. : )

However I do love the photos and wish I could see more of them!

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