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I really want a WW1 game. I also like the look of this one in particular. However my main concern is the fact it seemed easy to make a WW2 game out of it. So is this game a WW1 game or a sort of in between hybrid. Also I see the forum is now mainly about WW2 rather than WW1. So does this mean that really this game is a WW2 game and WW1 is really becoming an extra rather than the other way around.

For me personally the WW2 addition really has me concered and has out me off...shame they just didn't release a new WW2 game. I can't explain why but it feels like it undermines the authenticity of the WW1 game.

Can anyone who has the game who maybe similar to me and be a WW 1 obsessive chime in and give me their opinions. At the minute I'm really looking at another WW1 game that covers the '14. I have WW1 gold which I enjoy so it's not that one.


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Hi Wodin.

No fear, the WW1 game is the real deal here.

The WW1 engine works smoothly and is not, i repeat not, a WW2 engine on steroids.

Its more like two game engines under one common hood.

No compromise. You will get from moving warfare into trench warfare, and it will play and feel authentical.

The additional WW2 engine is more or less a VERY generous free goodie for all those gamers who like to see all those great new game mechanics in a WW2 game, too.

I really love the WW1 game. It is not a streched WW1 mod for a WW2 engine. It is unique, it works great, it is really that good.

I own from Matrix the Guns of August WW1 game. A game which i tried to play at least three times and stopped because of the terrible game interface.

SC WW1 is different. You get easily into the mechanics. It has a very nice manual.

I always wanted a computer game about WW1 which would make me forget Ted Raicers "The Great War in Europe", a mini monster board game with over 1000 counters, and a real play time of appr. one week.

SC WW1 is finally (FINALLY, thank God!) this computer game about WW1 which i was hoping for.

Nothing is perfect, nothing will ever be. But SC WW1 is very close, and knowing Hubert and Bill it will get further ideas and improvements over the years, too, just like all Furysoft games always did.

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I, too, preferred the time when the board only talked about WW1, but I don't think the developer attention has swung inordinately toward WW2 [in might be different for board members but we just have to realize the vast difference in audience size between the two wars]. For me, the game system models WW1 better than WW2 and I like how it accommodates both the quick moving and static aspects of the Great War. I've always thought WW1 in Europe and Near East was overall a much more interesting and balanced strategic scenario than WW2 and I think the game gets it right for the most part. Like, Wormwood I don't think it is perfect nor do I think it compromised by the expansion.

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