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  1. Just want to say again - the built-in scenarios and campaigns are great, but if you really want to focus on smaller stuff, the editor is really not hard at all to pick up. You can just make literally whatever you want! Use one of hundreds of existing maps, or create your own. The AI is dead simple to "program", you're really just painting some squares on the map to tell them where to go, for the most part (and sure, it can get more complex than that, but it doesn't have to at first). And of course, there's all the free user-created scenarios to dive into, as well. I would just strong
  2. It's so true! I'm having a literal blast (pardon the pun) just cooking up my own small, simple scenarios and messing around with them. This evening, I threw together a King Tiger vs four Sherman scenario. Let's just say... it's not going well for the Americans, lol! I should probably try using actual tactics, haha. Last night, I made a scenario to help me learn the mechanics for assaulting houses. I setup a German rifle squad in the house, with their mandatory HQ unit along, and the LMG in one of the upper windows. An American Glider squad with their HQ was outside, and I had to prac
  3. Personally, I compared the cost of the investment not against other video games but against tabletop miniatures gaming, since Combat Mission is much more analogous that that experience than most video games. The $110 of the CMBN Big Bundle would get you a decent sized starter force for a single faction in a wargame like Bolt Action or Flames of War. Of course you'd need to buy terrain and paint and rulebooks and dice and tape measures and whatnot (meaning you'd likely spend more), and then of course you've got to actually put the stuff together and (ideally) paint it if you want to play a
  4. Works a treat! Thank you so much.
  5. Could someone be so kind as to share a link to the "Busting the Bocage" scenario in v4.03-compatible format? I've found an old link here on the forum, but it's returning an "Unavailable" response when clicked. I tried copying the file from the demo, but I think the version difference between the demo's v3 and the full game's v4 caused it to be incapable of being loaded. I also checked the Scenario Depot at TheFewGoodMen.com but wasn't able to find it there.
  6. Oh buddy, you're in the right place. I am new to Combat Mission as well, but oh my god, am I ever glad to have found it. Never been able to get into RTS games, they often look kind of neat, but the base building and whatnot are just not compelling for me. They may be good games, but realism takes a very, very distant backseat to creating an intense gaming experience, and honestly I'm neither good at them nor enjoy them. I'm much more of a combat flight sim and FPS guy, and what I enjoy most in a game is its ability to allow me to use real life tactics as realistically as possible an
  7. I've not purchased it, as I'm more of an airplane guy, but people seem to enjoy it! They're also coming out with some AA trucks and halftracks, which should be an interesting addition to the game. There is NPC AA already, of course, but allowing players to operate it will make things interesting. FWIW, I have always purchased my IL-2 and Rise of Flight content direct from the website, not via Steam. It's not as big of a deal now as it was in the past with Rise of Flight (when there was frequently a lag between when new content was available direct versus when it would come to Steam),
  8. I'm a brand-new customer and only just heard of Combat Mission thanks to the Shock Force 2 listing on Steam. This despite looking for literal years for a realistic tactics simulation of infantry and combined arms combat, and being an avid player of tabletop miniatures wargames like Bolt Action. Suffice to say, Combat Mission is like a gift from the gods, and checks boxes I didn't even know I could wish for. I've become an instant fan. This news about my Battlefront purchase being honored on Steam is wonderful, and I've shared it with my IRL gaming group friends. I'm hoping a couple of the
  9. Hi all, first post here, I'm also a fan of flight sims. I missed out on the glory days of the original IL-2 as I wasn't simming at the time, but since 2011 I've been pretty active with Rise of Flight (also from 1C-777) and to a lesser degree with the IL-2 Great Battles series, which I've backed since launch in 2014. To confirm: the IL-2 Great Battles series is absolutely compatible with VR, and is considered one of the best-supported VR titles out there. I am not (yet) a VR user, but it has been a feature for years now, and the official forums are full of discussion and suggestions for g
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