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  1. long range Ok but at close range it looks like a mistake
  2. Yes, I managed it well. And scenarios and company's installed.
  3. Heh, your nickname is written in Russian, so I thought ... Your nickname means - "Deerslayer"
  4. Spasibo Comrade! 😀 ty A russkoi vetki nigde net dlya obsuzhdeniya? ili mozhet soobschetvo podskazhesh dlya novichka?)
  5. How to install new companies and scenarios in the Steam version? Please step by step instructions. 🙏 UPD: I wrote the question, reread it, thought it over and decided to look in the Steam community. And of course I found a good instruction there. 😀 Maybe someone else will come in handy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2220554919
  6. I recently bought a game CMSF2 on Steam and I am not an expert, but I noticed that the "soldier's resilience" is also influenced by the status of the unit, such as - veteran or ordinary recruits.
  7. There is a problem on the side of the Syrian army, armored units often do not detect NATO armored units, even at close range. Situation - 3 pieces of BMP-3 at positions of different distances, looking in the same direction, could not find the Striker who drove up the hill in line of sight. Stryker took turns destroying 3 BMPs and none of them even after Stryker's shots found him. It was 150 meters from the nearest BMP-3 to Stryker. A similar situation constantly arises on the side of the Syrian army, you have to blindly give the order to shoot at an empty spot on the map. And the funniest thing is that BMP-3s kill Striker blindly. To be honest this mechanic is very annoying because of which you have to hit the enemy with a similar method. On the NATO side, I did not test this since NATO forces easily detect any enemy object without any problems, as it seemed to me.
  8. Premature surrender is a problem, yes. I play scenarios for the Reds on the side of the Syrian army and there are many controversial issues that make the game far from a simulator. For example - The Syrian army's armored units does not see enemy armored units at close range. This looks like an artificial advantage for the blue side. 😀 P.S. Forced to give an order to an armored unit to forcefully shoot into an empty area on the map.
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