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  1. This sounds odd. Other than accidentally double clicking on a unit and giving them a move order (which would give a move order to everyone in that unit), I don't see how this could happen by themselves. I don't remember ever experiencing something like this. Did they come under fire when they would get into position? Did that specific gun team spot the enemy infantry? The Brits may have been spotted by a different unit. Also, just because you're able to see something may not necessarily mean you can shoot it. Was the targeting arc you used purple or yellow? If it's an HMG, then
  2. I use Bandicam. It's free and it works perfect.
  3. I really love your suggestions for line of sight tools. That would be amazing, as figuring out line of sight was one of my biggest difficulties when I first started playing. I'm kind of bummed that not many people wanted a Vietnam era game. Luckily there's a mod for that... just have to get CMSF2 one day.
  4. How does installing the patch work for PBEM games? Do you go through the playback phase, save at set up phase, close out, install patch, and then go back in? Do both players have to do that?
  5. I feel like something in the far future with aliens would be cool. I know that's not gonna happen, but a man can dream...
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