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  1. It is the one with all Strykers on the US side. I have tried every crappy trick I know left side, middle, right side... all nothing, precision missions are maybe 1/3rd effective it seems which means Javelins which is dicey as they usually don't live long to use them. As for the Strykers, everything can kill them so not much help.
  2. Been playing it again with the same results... What is the trick to this scenario as the US? Use the fords? Up the middle? Sit back and let them come to you first? Nothing I try works.
  3. OK well somehow I won, I kept everyone under cover and hiding, when the Soviets did attack, I had plenty of guys to repel them. Interesting.. Total Victory
  4. I played it 3 times with no luck as all of my guys are wiped out by the end of the scenario. I have gotten better and have wiped out their tank and apcs but all that was left was my air controller. BMP doesn't last no matter where I put him. Should I keep guys in the HMMVs so they can man the guns? Seems like they are targets for artillery if I do. Are the sandbags and ammo stockpile good for anything? (other than grabbing more ammo but my guys don't live longer than the ammo) Should I sprint to the house near the base and try to ambush anyone moving towards the base?
  5. I now realize that I need to zoom down to eye level a lot more. I just got some poor guys killed in our PBEM game (demo) because I had them retreat... retreat up a hill in plain freaking view of everyone.... 👎
  6. Wow! The best I did was a draw. I sent small teams of RPG types to ambush them while they were still on the road. I will try it again with your strategy in mind. The around the corner thing hasn't really worked for me though but I may not be placing them correctly. I don't think I know how to correctly position them to peak around a corner.
  7. Speaking of...A friend has the Demo version while I have the full version. What are our options PBEM wise?
  8. Didn't think about letting the dust settle, that makes sense. I also need to read up on what the dots mean for artillery.
  9. Sadly many of them look like they already have, like Gamma World in some spots. Economic warfare is just as hard on real estate as combat can be.
  10. Oh, oops... would that explain four of them getting stuck in the ford? I put them on slow thinking that would help. Are fords to be avoided for the most part I wonder?
  11. I have been selecting a point target and then a precision attack which I believe does use the guided rounds. I believe a point attack with a (not precision) choice will still be an area style attack but with a very small area. I will double check as I go through it again however and I am looking through the manual also.
  12. Too be honest, I had no idea even such things existed in artillery form. Probably explains why I see videos of people walking behind APCs or riding on top of them. For tanks, I may try point area fire or wait until the helo shows up. Tweaked must mean nerfed I am guessing.
  13. How much precision can I expect? I am using the Forward Observer that is controlling the drone and so far not good or at least not very reliable. I am playing Blue in the scenario BSBP 01 Honor. Should I just use a regular point mission instead because the time it takes me to get it done, leaves me exposed to artillery.
  14. Strykers... amphibious?!?! We need to talk to that contractor...
  15. Tried BSBP 01 Honor with predictable results....👎
  16. 10 feet?!?!? wow!!! We have a grain elevator in Akron that was turned into a hotel and now a dorm for U of A. Where they cut into the windows, it looks like maybe 3-5 inches. When I walk buy again, I will have a look. Old bank buildings around here are pretty stout, or at least look the part. Not 10 feet though!
  17. If anyone has one, I wonder if we can hold our phones over the text and at least get a passable translation?
  18. I am calling this a win. Made some dumb mistakes but clearly better this time. Clear win if I am writing the history of the battle.... They'll never get to Kiev at this rate....
  19. Epic fail... my RPG front accounted for maybe 3 APCs... what a joke.... every time my APCs advance they blow up when someone cusses while holding a RPG, when my guys have an RPG, they must be painted bright yellow with "shoot me" printed on them...
  20. That's a good point, in this scenario I doubt my guys had time to bunker the place up. Also, I doubt the little green men care much about a ROE so can shoot the place up with impunity with QF small caliber guns and large caliber guns, something I imagine our Marines were not allowed to do. Stalingrad was a completely different animal so it doesn't really apply. And I just realized that the smaller RPGs can't be fired indoors (well they can but...).... so up to the rooftops with you all....and maybe park the APCs somewhere and use the crew as ad hoc AT teams. Going to try again!
  21. OK well crap. I was afraid of that. I like the BTR as roadblock idea. I bet they will get shot up and and still count as losses but a bunch more dudes running around with RPG-22s can make a real difference. I might try that too. That just might work! Sharing ammo... will troops share ammo NOT in their organization if they share the same building or are close?
  22. OK cool, I may have to come back to this one, I am getting worse! Must be something I don't quite get. You can sell those ATGMs and APCs to the export market and get something useful like an crate of RPGs or something. Fought to a draw this time only because I kept most of my APCs away from the action. Next game, they are all heading to a corner of the map never to be seen.
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