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  1. @mjkerner yep, that's exactly where they're running, the game mechanics are what they are. with respect, I think it's unrealistic for an american infantry element to break while winning a firefight, when they have friendlies in buildings around them, haven't taken casualties or more than a couple seconds of incoming rifle fire - and attempt to sprint down the street through an insurgent ambush. my pixeltruppen are winning when they run.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cehyjboy4d9wsx4/Ambush in al Fubar 001.bts?dl=0
  3. @domfluff @MikeyD @Freyberg like I said, in ambush at al fubar, my infantry has been consistently running from cover without taking any casualties, into the street where they get cut down. I can replicate this almost at will. It's been 1/7 times where they did not break from cover and get slaughtered in the street on turn one. please don't try to tell me american infantry would do something this stupid. it's AI behavior issues, not realism. 95 americans died in Phantom Fury and zero squads panicked and ran out of a building into the street during a firefight they were winning.
  4. i came here to discuss this issue. in the ambush in al fubar or whatever, my US soldiers are panicking and running from the ambush zone, right into their guns. It's happening every time.
  5. so in my situation, if I back the m10 towards enemy infantry they should shoot at them?
  6. per title. M10 main gun is disabled, everything else is at 100%, but even when turned backwards, unbuttoned + able to see the enemy, they haven't fired a single round. how do i get them to shoot?
  7. I recently played a QB against the AI...I used both my off-map mortars, they had a handful of WP rounds + something else, but when they ran out of HE rounds they were completely unusable (showed as 'out of ammo' or whatever it says). After it happened on the first one, I watched the second one do the exact same thing. lists secondary ammo types, runs out of HE, goes winchester / unusable. is this a known bug? apologies if this has been asked / answered, couldn't find anything in search.
  8. is it missions called directly on the TRP, or within a certain distance? apologies, haven't used them even though they've been in many missions i've played
  9. hello, i'm playing a h2h, I chose a battalion of crack german infantry on defense. In the last couple turns I bracketed a linear mortar mission and it went a long way to breaking up his attack. now he's pushing up a parallel lane about 200m to the east, but when I call another, almost identical barrage down on the same line (it's just 200m to the left), it says it will take 7 minutes. how can I speed this up? seems a half competent battery wouldn't have a problem adjusting
  10. Just turn back now Chibot, why throw away your lives to my superior american missiles?
  11. https://old.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/am4am9/lada_of_ukrainian_army/
  12. as a web dev by trade I'm curious - the engine is the same between red thunder and SF2 right? But the animations aren't transferrable between games?
  13. thanks for the full response. Never said it kills QB but as @MikeyD showed further up his entire armored force got smoked by redfor air with no way to fight back, so again, not sure how our argument is weak. Fair enough on not wanting to put in x representing y. and please don't remove redfor air support! also this video of syrian airpower being timely and effective against an enemy without manpads IRL
  14. why? people want a fun game, not 'brits don't get aa bc our books say they don't and we have rules for ourselves' i don't think the solution is removing syrian airpower. shooting at eachother is fun. being unable to shoot back is not fun. even against the brainless qb ai it annihilated his tanks and he couldn't fight back at all. They have starstreak. It's from 1997 - present. So yea, i don't understand what the argument is even about or why it was removed. Who cares if it's stingers not starstreak. Please keep the british competitive and give them back AA capability.
  15. played a big QB today as redfor and my dang dudes had to slog it over like at least half a mile, but i had plenty of tanks they could have ridden on. Tell me it ain't so
  16. eyyy so the thing is I've reinstalled 3 times before rujasu recommended it and idk what the deal is. I'll work with rujasu to get screens of the setup and try to replicate it @IanL also rujasu tried creating a game after my reinstall and I wasn't able to join at all, said wrong module version (in red script, said it was X version, don't remember if it was NATO or marines) @Sgt.Squarehead as long as they're aware of the 'suggest forces' bug i'm fine
  17. Tried and failed to set up a pair of SF2 PBEM quick battles, syria v syria meeting engagement, tiny/small, mixed forces (don't remember map first time). Try 1: set up 2 different games with the above settings and sent them to two different players. bug1: the map changed from the one I selected bug2: opposing players had most of their units disappear from force selection -> deployment. Try 2: same thing except the map stayed correct - the opposing forces AGAIN disappeared so they only have a handful of BTRs. map: desert crossroads I only have
  18. it happens reliably for a variety of game modes, maps and force selections. I'll provide more details when I get home in a couple hours
  19. w respect to the crash - it's happened three times, I can get video of it if you want... it was twice with syrian forces, once with american. different map each time
  20. I'm in Europe until mid september, when I get back I'll be down to play. Full disclosure I'm a brand new player and a battalion level operation for my first PBEM might be above my ability, but I'll do it. Is rad an abbreviation for a map?
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