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  1. Hm alright that could be an explanation for it.
  2. Re-watching my video, you can see the tree. It's a palm tree, so I don't see how the leaves could play a role in spotting.
  3. Smoke was on, but trees were on the "closest trunks" setting. There was one tree near the vehicle that's it. I don't see how that could affect it though, I mean doesn't the Javelin have IR sights and all that?
  4. I was playing a quick battle, and I moved one of my Jav teams up to spot and take out enemy vehicles. He spotted the one I was hoping to take out and started aiming, but somehow lost the target and then spotted an enemy vehicle probably more than 1000 meters away and fired at that one. I'm wondering how he lost the target as he was aiming at it with a Javelin, while it was stationary and out in the open, and then somehow spotted a vehicle farther away than the one he lost visual on? Is this a bug or is it a flaw in the spotting system? Here's a video of what happened: https://streamable.c
  5. Thought I'd share an interesting ricochet that happened during some scenario testing:
  6. Same thing here, but I'm using Gmail. No emails when I try to reset my password (oops I forgot too). Also, this has been going on for the past couple of days from what I know and it's really starting to frustrate me.
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