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  1. I just played this battle last week-end, and what i think is the most frustrating is that german got plenty of artillery, and with too much reactivity and accuracy. You are suppose to play the soviet hammer on the poor german nail. But actualy you got only a small support when german got full of mortar or medium gun battery, with veteran spotter and what it's look to be unrealistic reactivity. Roles are reversed and it's feel like a big swindle. You should play a great Behemoth, obviously you're not ... But in the other hand, it's a nice challenge, and it took me several attempts and stra
  2. Hmmm well, this is not bombardment, this is sniping with 81mm ... got 22 men out wih 1 salvo and one of my SU76 take a direct hit ...
  3. Hello everybody, Currently i'm playing this mission and got too many losses, most of them by artillery. Is it me or the IA have many more ammunition for arty than a human player ? For more than 30 minutes i'm getting 81mm or maybe heavier shells in the head. And accurency and reacativity are terrifying ! It's look that german don't need 5mn to re-targeting thos arty barrage right in the middle of my pour frontovikis. :/ Maybe they have plenty of targeting point ? So now, how to avoid thoses deadly barrages ? I tried to rush the enemy 2nd line but with mortar firing all the time, i
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