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  1. I've read an article that said that old cadre of Hussein's army was dismissed and many of them have found their way to ISIS ranks, which created two interconnected problems: good experienced soldiers fighting against new Iraqui army and lack of competence in army. Is it right?
  2. I think it was politically motivated measure. US needed Iraq army to takeover after they pulled out, so they had to train and equip it. Visibility of functioning army was needed more than actually functional army.
  3. So, basicly it turns out that ordinary ammunition storage inside Abrams could not blow turret off tank, right?
  4. Yes, that is possibility. Is it possible to lose turret simply by not not closing doors of ammunition compartment?
  5. An interesting photo of destroyed Iraqui M1A1M: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/imp_navigator/17993765/280115/280115_900.jpg Interesting thing is that turret is blown off and lies several meters away. That puzzles me. Previously I thought that this is possible only if ammunition is stored inside turret, but Abrams has it's ammunition is stored in special compartment. Another possibility is IED, but it kicks whole tank upwards, not only turret. Any explanation?
  6. Actually, Bulat is most recent T-64 version. T-64BV is obsolete in comparsion with Bulat.
  7. We can dwell into discussion about western military activity, but this will take us nowhere. Simple fact is that you and I view things very differently and can't agree on that matter. So, let's put it that way: in Russia many people (me included) see many of recent western military campaigns as unlawful acts of agression against sovereign countries. So lectures from western countries (or western citizens) about respecting international law is not something Russians like to hear. P.S. BTW, that's have nothing to do with military parades
  8. I completely agree with you. It would be nice if every country abstain from bombing, invading or messing directly or indirectly with other countries. Because, you know, not only Russians have problems with geography
  9. I think you're overreacting a bit Military parades is our tradition. Political background is not very good this year (when was it perfect?), but there is really nothing unusuall.
  10. If you look close enought you see that IFV chassis is the same as tank one just driving backwards
  11. Guys, I don't get all that whinning about ugliness. For me all these vehicles look absolutely fantastic with all those stealthy surfaces, sensors and multiple launchers. As one guy pointed out, they are looking really futuristic, Battletech-like
  12. One thing puzzles me: why T-14 is called a "medium tank" on that picture?
  13. Haven't obsetved this in 1.03 still. Anyway, I don't like my infantry wasting AT rockets against enemy infantry in covered in buildings. They have enought capabilities to supress and destroy soft targets without wasting precious AT warheas.
  14. Recently I've obseved strange behavior of my infantry squad. It was engaging in firefight with enemy squad. Antitank guy has first loaded and launched OG-7 frag rockets which was absolutely logical. But then he fired AT rocket at enemy squad. That has puzzled me a lot because he had "HE rockets" in inventory. Should the be considered as a bug or it is legitimate (whilst stupid) infantry behavior?
  15. Quite interesting scan of document regarding Ukraninan forces losses in Debaltsevo: http://higgs.rghost.ru/6Fnm8ZvGl/image.png Alleged source: SBU (Ukranian Security Service). Disclaimer: Possibly a fake. Figures: Irrecoverable losses (KIA?) : 3695 Injured: 4262 POW: 183 Tanks lost: 248 AFVs: 278 Artillery: 260 Automobiles: 295 Aircraft: 3
  16. I've found Russian translation of German article: German: http://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article140083741/Bundeswehr-Kampfpanzern-fehlt-wirksame-Munition.html Russian: http://inosmi.ru/world/20150427/227744613.html Main point of article: Geman Leopard 2 tanks can not defeat modern Russian armour (T-80, T-90) with their obsolete tungsten carbide-based APFSDS rounds.
  17. Yes, I have one. But how to attach it?
  18. I'am constantly observing weird behaviour of my men during embarking to and APC or IFV. Loading into BTR are worst of things. Single soldier can run around vehicle five or six times trying different doors until finally getting inside. I mean, it is "common sense" that Russians drink vodka all the time, but beleive me NOT THAT HARD! Is this a common/aknowledged bug?
  19. Russian wiki says that in 2013 one thousand pieces of RPG-30 were purchased for army (Southern and Central military districts).
  20. Gunner on top of jeep should be highest and most visible target in this case. Quite expectably they attract fire.
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