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  1. 5 hours ago, SgtHatred said:

    One thing with dragons, and really any missile in CM games, is how easily tracks are damaged or destroyed from turret hits. I'm not an expert, so maybe that is completely reasonable, but it seems to me that with a missile impact on the turret, the hull of the tank would protect the tracks from feeling the effects of the missile impact. I've had several T64/T80 forces disabled by multiple Dragon hits on the turret breaking their tracks.

    Yeah , i did one test with that in mind where t80b where getting sot by m-150:

    (only 1 test for now) No matter where the tank is getting hit, be it turret to lower hull(all frontally), be it pen or no pen, the track will always get damaged.
    It feels weird. I personally that it should be like that for near miss with arty. What i don't know is , should i tank take damage to its tracks when its getting hit by an atgm on the turret?

  2. 1 hour ago, MikeyD said:

    I had included T72s in my Fahrbahns scenario because I imagined they might never show up in a scenario otherwise. Because why would anyone pick T72 when you can play with T64s and T80s? I guess i underestimated the nostalgic appeal of T72.

    I too was confused to see them as i just read the manual where it said that they were not employed by the soviet in Germany. Great little mission btw! It feel so weird fighting with the Starships.

    Quick question: where does one go to see the TOE of the Warsaw pact and Nato army at that time 

  3. While doing a defense quick battle against the AI , i had some weird feeling seeing m113 without inf inside and footman running alone.
    After that game i did some QB test run with the scenario author test against a mechanized soviet battalion and  each time at the deployment, all the infantry started outside their IFV/APC. I did those tests on huge and large map and did it from meeting engagement to assault , with BMP ad BTR and the result was always the same.

    I would like to know if its a bug, in intended or maybe i'm doing something wrong.

  4. 5 hours ago, DerKommissar said:

    All they need to do is make a trailer with this song:


    I picked up Flashpoint Campaigns on sale yesterday, still haven't tried it out.

    Fun game. My favourite one regrading the cold war. In the next year we should see Southern storm with the Canadian , French, czech and east germans added to the game.  


    Anyway, my tip to you is to read the manual, it will explain a lot and if you need anyone to play in the future,i could be your man!


  5. Hi,

    So to make it short i wasn't able to find my order on my account until i remembered that i have a second one where i'm pretty sure i did all my orders.I tried to login again with that account and it doesn't accept the password. When i try to reset it give me that message :" Can not find specified username and email address in database" with the only two email address that i used with battlefront.
    I still have the order email as proof and i just want to have the account reactivated. I can PM you for the account information . Thanks

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