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  1. I want to start by saying sorry to anyone that is offended or will be offended by my first post I did not know that the term kebab is offensive to the Turkish I'm sorry. I agree, I think they would bring an interesting amount of variety. Though I wonder if the turks have any plans of implementing a system like trophy to thier armor.
  2. Do you think we'll see the Turks (The Kebab) appear in a module.
  3. For this game is intimidating my last quick battle I had 400 something soviet troops to set up and I didn't even know where to start.
  4. So I just finished playing Black Sea and I have to say this game is merciless I thought CMSF:Nato was hard till I had to take a small town from the Russians with mechanized troops there was anti armor everywhere. Eventually I pulled my IFVs back (playing as USA) and fought from house to house twas a very fun QB lost in the end but I still enjoyed it, I am horrible at recon I realized this in CM-SF. Alas good game Battlefront, good game
  5. As I saw the announcement for I was listening to the partisan song from the USSR choir and then immediately re-downloaded cm Afghanistan. I forgot how unforgiving that game was, It was not afraid of spanking you when you did bad and the mujis were relentless in CQB meh maybe its just me:confused:
  6. I have had CMSF with all the modules for a while so I had the formula down but when I went back to WW2 boy was I in for a pleasant surprise it was amazing too bad each battle end in a Pyrrhic victory I seem to forget the enemy forces in this game don't have inferior equipment like the Syrians. Oh well back to the strategy board :cool:
  7. I do hate the Bradley :mad: that is a death trap for my troops. no offence to those who like it:).
  8. Awe smart generals with good passion its an honor to meet you all.
  9. I do have to admit them squads are small but I fight mainly urban big squads in tight spots are a recipe for slaughter.
  10. I'm new to the boards but have owned shock force quite a while so to get to know every one better where do excel I'm a urban QB commander attacking the fighting in city's with small organized squads fit so now I have began playing Germany so who and what are you.
  11. Well unless you play as Germany sure less troops sometimes but that firepower can lock the enemy down in an urban situation.
  12. I know I have been playing the vanilla for a few years now but just got the NATO It just came as quite the surprise I figured I tell somebody about though I wonder how the same scenario would played out as marines gonna go buy that module.
  13. I was playing a battle as Canada in the NATO module against the unconventional so I'm suppressing an area and I thought I had killed them. Pushed my MBT up with my infantry out a close building a stream of bullets as well as anti tank weaponry opened fire on me killing my men and disabled my tank. The losses were acceptable but still I had never screwed up like that before with the blue forces. By the end of the battle I had had lost 100 men KIA and MIA mixed together and the enemy 117 Kills and missing. my casualties for blue only ever go to 50 with blue forces well time to rethink my strategy and tactics. I'm not claiming to be good but usually I'm patient .
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