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  1. As I said to Hubert via PM, they have our money, so screw us and forget fixes for these bugs. Last time I'll ever purchase a Battlefront product. And I'll wager I'm not alone.
  2. Was wondering if there's any kind of timeframe on this...
  3. Same here...is there an ETA for an actual patch on this? Unplayable until there is one...
  4. Any word on how long it's going to take for these fixes to get to us?
  5. Are we talking weeks, or days, here? Right now I've got a game that's an electronic coaster here. Hubert said it was with Battlefront for approval. Now it's back for more testing? Great. Just great.
  6. Considering it was supposedly done three weeks ago...I dont think it's unreasonable to ask every few days. If you don't like that, tough ****.
  7. Waiting on starting a new game until this comes out...Hubert?
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