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  1. anyone ever seen a unit missing in setup, after selection? had selected mg bunker and it didn't show up. backed up and selected platoon and it then didn't show up. Regenerated qb and now seem to be getting everything.
  2. 4- that may mean the fo can't see the adjusting rounds. where ever the adiusting rounds are falling now, expect ffe 50m over them.
  3. in the game, does a xo team provide morale boost?
  4. @sgt #3- on page 66 and 93, they only way you get ammo/weapons is if they are dead. i tried having a single soldier with 61 ammo and 2 grenades, treat 3 different wounded buddies. After treating, he still had only 61 ammo and 2 grenades.
  5. "The only real benefit of buddy aid is scavenging weapons and ammo.", but only if they are dead (page 66 of manual). why does it matter if they are dead or not? only thing worth while of buddy aid, other than slight point gain, is the ammo.
  6. been doing aid to pick up extra ammo and what i thought was helping my score, but i have yet to see ammo picked up. some grenades and, happily, a couple of charges.
  7. So, pz4 is using pg39, APHE. The round landed in the bocage, the bursting charge went off about one second after round would have buried itself. So, casualties 3 meters and 11 meters, really? Find it hard to believe. Know it was AP because AP count went down one count. Can pg40, (AP solid shot, a better penetrator), be selected by scenario designer? Had a short 60mm mortar round land 55 meters from infantry with heads in the dirt and took a casualty; really? Find it hard to believe. I canceled their advance and quick’d back to machine-gun. At the end of the next turn, they did re-jo
  8. "..tech doesn't fail...", gps is very easy to jam, surprised it hasn't happened yet. ait at fort sill, ft lewis wa, then ansbach germany. whenever there was a cold inversion over ft lewis, the range was shut down. seems 8 inch artillary would break windows in nearby tacoma. so, did you get to play with FADAC (field artillary digital (?) computer). 500 pounds of computer, what pain; at least it did work.
  9. as i recall, not possible. only missiles and kamikaze weapons can have a blast radius. if it does, like a nuke, it attacks everything in the blast radius, including buildings.
  10. So, do you remember, was it call an INS (inertial navigation system) or IMU (inertial measurement (or mapping) unit)? little early for GPS, i think. army has done away with surveying or just in NG units? if so thats scary.....
  11. in 73 to mid-75 was with 9th inf, 1/11 battalion, bn FDC (105mm). Then, until 77, Ansbach grmy, 2/28 battalion, bn FDC (175mm). was wondering what era you were FDC? Ever do any FOing?
  12. AM- again, totally agree. "At present my...."; i do this as well, as they say, great minds.... Started a conversation in 'General Discussion Forum'..... erwin- sh4 with RFB is completely "new" game than generic sh4, highly recommended.
  13. Jag4 would not fire on the house. Moved the jag4 forward 5 meters and tried again; still wouldn’t shoot. Target’d a piece of ground in front and no problem shooting that. Tried doing ‘light’ targeting the house and that worked. BTW: behind the tree in the middle is another house and another jag4 had no problem in putting rounds into it. And no, duh, didn’t think to try that jag4. Mortar team, after 2 turns, still hasn’t popped it’s smoke grenade. At the start of each turn, pushed the ‘pop smoke’ command. This is the end of a turn. Noticed that men and mortar were separated, but stil
  14. AM- agreed.... but for game purpose, simplicity, the 'standard firing pattern' be just a circle.
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