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  1. Looking for someone new to play with. I am very good. Either side is fine steelman3250@hotmail.com
  2. I see people respond to the Matrix website that they are the best on 1, or 2 or whatever mod, but I am to say I am the best, and if not the best at least the best on this game. Does anyone want to prove me wrong??? steelman3250@hotmail.com Disappointed no takers in 3 weeks!!!
  3. Bored without not enough games. Really like to have another game being played. Any takers? steelman3250@hotmail.com
  4. Looking for a game of Barbarossa. Up for any side. steelman3250@hotmail.com
  5. Looking for a Call to Arms PBEM. Either side ok. If you want to be the Central just send me your turn or let me know via email you prefer Entente. I am good with either. Email steelman3250@hotmail.com
  6. Looking for a game. steelman3250@hotmail.com I am pretty good at this game.
  7. Looks like Isnogud is going to win the tourney from what I see from his and Pacesticks game. Pacestick let me down, just kidding. My game with Pacestick was a 2 point victory for my axis but currently looking at a 1 point loss in early 46 with Isnogud with me the allies. Isnogud got off to too good of a start and I will not be able to fully catch up, however I made a good comeback but with 1 1/2 years left will fall well short of Japan. A lot of fireworks in our game though. I am not able to provide any pictures but perhaps Isnogud would like. Due to my location not able to upload le
  8. Hi Al, No offense taken:). Early moves can be critical and should not be allowed at times you are correct and should be changed. Does not help you so far in our games is the weather but time will tell with that and the games. You already made up some ground in your move through the mountains south of Paotow as I was content with the rest of my China defense until then.
  9. Something needs changed altogether in Japan/China. One thing the game does not take into consideration enough with Japan is their logistics were a mess and not really able to go to much into the mountains. Not too mention that aircraft carrier can decimate the Chinese early on. Perhaps a trade off of sort would be less carriers available in the early stage with perhaps an extra bomber to compensate. Something just to mention is Japan can be devastating to the Allied cause if played right, but can not really win the war on its own. Al fyi I did not and have never used saved games. Howev
  10. Looking for a game as either axis or allies for world at war. Have new patch 1.01 PM me or email at steelman3250@hotmail.com
  11. To emphasize how much you can bring to the 1st attack on Nov. 26. Current game I am at that stage and have 17 special forces, 3 corp, 2 armies, 2 div all on amphibious boats waiting to invade various locations. There are in support 8 heavy carriers and 3 light carriers. You can do this even against a human opponent if air is somewhat skipped (I have purchased 1 fighter, 1 strategic bomber this game), and do not heavily go into all aspects of research in the beginning, along with minimalizing China purchases. In this AI game though I am already attacking Kunming, Sian and the entire sou
  12. No need to take all the ports in Phillipines, just normally Manilla but sometimes by the #'s calculated for surrender Phillipines will hold out one extra turn. Need to launch in stages as MPP is available. I usually start around June/July from Taiwan, Japan, and July, August from other islands to maximize MPP usage and not transport to a near island then amphibious launch. My opening move with Gold and Democracy is virtually the same and that is taking Wake, Guam, Johnston, New Guinea (which maybe takes 2 turns but make sure to take Port Morseby, Lae, Wewak), Phillipines, DEI, Malaya, H
  13. Not going to present sources, read the history books and actually your 1st source supports what I stated. 1200 is not insignificant when talking Germans invaded with 3600 tanks against 20,000 Russian tanks (however most obsolete or not maintained). However Russians misused their T-34's and fought individually mostly in the beginning and poor tactics. Also calculate 3600 x .40 for the heavier german models and you get 1440. My point on higher #'s is right around the battle of Moscow there was more coming off the production line whereas Germans were not getting the #'s to the front to repl
  14. Hello Will, On armor that is very historical. Germans were in for a big surprise when they started facing Russian T-34 and KV-1 tanks in bigger #'s. These tanks had a 76 mm gun compared to the Germans 50 mm on down. Now as the war went on the Germans started to over-come them with technology as the Russians focused on #'s with a simple easily productive design where the Germans went for high tech. Germans did have a comparable tank on the Eastern Front until the spring of 43' with the Tiger then the Panther which was somewhat replicated towards the T-34. The game represents this in a
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