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  1. Battlefront has shown high standards. If they released an grand/tactical, operational sim it would be of a quality commensurate with the Combat Mission series. They'd be satisfied with nothing less. The only war games in that genre that currently offer the same kind of fidelity, realism and attention to detail are the Command Ops series* from Panther Games. They own that niche. And the real time format renders it unsuitable as strategy level companion to CM. *Their demos left me with a feeling of detachment.
  2. That's an impressive list. How about categorizing tank crews according to their mount, e.g MK IVs or Tigers, and permitting them to jump into any available un-crewed vehicle for which they're qualified? Like Wittmann at Villers Bocage. Surely not a coding mountain to climb.
  3. Especially when that enemy's close quarter fire power is far more devastating than yours. I take it that this discrepancy forms an essential theme in this infantry-centric module.
  4. On the Russian front, a solid pak front was Michael Wittman's greatest nightmare. He's on record as having been prouder of his crew's ATG kills than all the tanks they destroyed.
  5. So, Bil, what are the best tactics when taking on you? Not merely placement and maneuver considerations but also any personal weaknesses, eccentricities or quirks. Color blindness? Thanks in advance!
  6. ...which appears less desaturated than the previous version.
  7. This is a very ambitious scenario, and Jon has paid meticulous attention to accuracy, terrain, actual formations, etc. He's also a certified grog. Maybe his ouevre-in-progress will, if discouraging to rank beginners, stimulate designers who already have some some modest scenarios to their credit. Especially if they're retired on a generous pension or trust fund.
  8. Me neither. Jon's account may prove more discouraging than incentivising for would be designers. What a detail-sweating and time consuming endeavor! You need to understand the game inside and out. A good read, tho.
  9. John, here's the solution to your screenshot ennuis : 1- Take a picture using PrtScr or Fraps. Paste it into Paint or a multitude of other apps/programs. 2- Save it to the desktop. 3- Upload the file using a program like this: http://postimage.org/ There are many others. 4- Select a forum-friendly size like 800x600. 5- Select 'thumbnail for forums'. Press 'copy to clipboard'. 6- Paste it into your post. 7- You're done!
  10. You've got a mighty system, cat molester. But shaders OFF?
  11. Makes sense with the gun barrel sticking through the hedge. No?
  12. Using family relations as an example, I question whether a father who stridently desires his son or daughter to conform to to an exalted standard really likes that kid.
  13. Sorry, I can't let this go. If you want to pass judgements based on absolute morality be my guest. But sans comparisons they're weightless. You engage on a slippery slope which leads down the road to moral equivalency if not contempt for the person or entity who fails to measure up. You demoralize him. Balzac wrote that every great fortune is founded upon a crime. The same can be said for nations, all nations. Every present nation, at one point, dispossessed the indigenes. So? One arrives at a state where we have high schools kids well versed in the evils of slavery or our alleged environme
  14. We suck! We should have strived to live up to the sterling example set by the Japanese in China, Korea and elsewhere. Mandatory name changes, summary execution, rape, forced labour, artificial famines, and looting was nothing compared to horror of the internment camp.
  15. Amazing that they haven't addressed this minor annoyance after 8 updates. Unless, the BFC guys have what is known in trade circles as 'jeweler's vision' and they don't understand what the fuss is about.
  16. The font is fine as long as you can read the names of the states above the columns on the reverse of a 5 dollar bill. Few people over forty can do this w/o glasses. (Hint: first one on the left is 'Delaware')
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