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  1. It appears that now AT guns never pack up unless getting hitched to a vehicle. They'll cross the entire map without fatigue at a slow Walk pace. No idea whether this is realistic or not. Maybe. You'd think that pushing a 75 uphill would tucker them out.
  2. It appears the GIs are tuckered out in your screenie. Especially the tube guy. If there was a dialogue balloon over his head it would read: 'Man, I'd trade my last pack of Chesterfields to hitch a ride on one of those Shermans!'
  3. Yes, aside from the practical aspects it adds a huge amount of chrome, atmosphere and personality to the game. But I sensed Steve's impatience and weariness in providing the- understandable- rationale for not including tank riders at this time. As in 'is this worth it?' or 'did I make the right career decision?' Sim forums will get to you.
  4. Re: riders, etc. A lot of people are disappointed but it's Battlefront's call. They know what they're doing given their resources. They been punching these out since 1999 and many similar companies have fallen by the wayside. I trust their explanations.
  5. Despite the kvetching it has to be recognized that it was more important depicting tank riding in CMRT due to the presence of Soviet desant practices. The Russians were spendy with their human material. One does, however, read of scattered German examples, notably in the Bulge. Going by photos and anecdotes the Allied employment of tanks as taxis was common in the mountainous Italian theater.
  6. Nor was it German doctrine on the East Front by 1944. Then why are there German tank riders in RT? Because tanks were extensively used as battlefield taxis? That is true of both theaters. On all sides. Steve had mentioned further breakdowns of Italian squads for 3.0 in the interests of flexibility like the Russians. And presumably so they can be accommodated by Italian tankettes as riders. I take it this isn't happening. Either a specialized FO can call in air strikes on the CM battlefield or he can't. I suspect RT got it right. Why can't these upgrades be 100% standardized t
  7. Contour lines would be useful but, as pointed out, ugly. From another thread: No idea how easy/hard that would be to implement.
  8. What a coincidence! That's just what I was reading at the beach yesterday. Kinda spooky...
  9. Nah. I credit Soviet spy extraordinaire Richard Sorge. In late 1941, he informed the Soviet command that Japan was not going to attack the Union in the near future, allowing the command to transfer the 18 divisions Siberian division, plus thousands of tanks and aircraft from Siberia and the Far East to the Moscow region. They turned the tide, nearly destroying the Wehrmacht. Three factors doomed the Nazis invasion: Sorge's activities, the unprecedented atrocious weather beginning late Autumn and the month delay of the start of Barbarossa from May to June . Debate.
  10. Very promising, 'Mr. X'. Look forward to the release. The map is great! By the way I researched your personal data. Your name is Franz Huebner, you live in Dusseldorf and manage a BMW parts factory. Your wife's name is Hilda. Sorry, but someone had to do it.
  11. Battlefront will surely do a bang up job on RT. They'll follow up with intelligent updates. You'll get interesting and balanced scenarios- even given this one-sided phase of the war. But I can't help but think 1943 would have been a better choice. They had *almost* all the German models thanks to Fortress Italy.
  12. Here's the skinny: get your credit cards ready when the black spotting icons are replaced by the real thing in Bil's and Elvis' AAR screenshots. BTW, I'm on the fence. Confident that it will be great but the period depicted, the Soviet Sledgehammmer era, doesn't light my fire.
  13. The disconnect occurs when the original commander has already leadership ratings in the cellar. This is an area where more granularity may be beneficial. E.g., a 1-10 range in place of the existing 1-5 (+2,+1, -, -1, -2) spread.
  14. Had the Human Wave doctrine been abandoned by '44? Edit, 'barrier troops': In July 1942, Stalin issued Order No. 227, directing that any commander or commissar of a regiment, battalion or army, who allowed retreat without permission from his superiors was subject to military tribunal. The order called for soldiers found guilty of disciplinary measures to be forced into "penal battalions", which were sent to the most dangerous sections of the front lines. From 1942 to 1945, 427,910 soldiers were assigned to penal battalions. The order also directed "blocking detachments" to shoot fleeing pa
  15. Why the scare quotes? Do tell more! The mind reels.
  16. Getting a bit tired of your gainsaying everything I say, Jon. So the girlfriend and I kidnapped your Australian Cattledog and will keep him until we see some improvement. I'm holding his tags . Rambunctious fellow, this one, so we had to sedate him. And what grown man names a male dog 'Whimsy' anyway?
  17. Poesel71: So, you're proposing Terrain FOW Light. Fine by me. I recall reading that the placement of trenches and foxhole in CMBN was determined by coding challenges. The sunken trenches in Shock Force were always visible to the attacking side.
  18. Which eliminates historical scenarios. Or limits them to no replays. That's not what CM is about. Unknown or partially known terrain factors is only suitable for QBs drawn on the fly. Also a battle conducted in an urban zone, a well mapped out city like Arnhem or Berlin, does not much suffer from the mystery factor. Unless, perhaps, it's bombed to cinders prior to entry by the enemy. Terrain FOW will never happen.
  19. Wiki: The use of tank desant was only prescribed within the first kilometer of the forward edge of the combat area for only the simplest of tactical mission objectives, since the circumstances would be difficult for the troops engaged. Riding on tanks during actual combat is very dangerous. Tank riders are very vulnerable to machine gun and high explosive fire, and the high silhouette of most tanks would draw enemy fire. Smoke and covering fire may be used to reduce the hazards. Tank riding is mostly used when troops need to move faster than is possible on foot and there is a shortage of
  20. Points gleaned on tank riders: The tank desant doctrine was primarily employed by the Russians who, it's alleged, lacked sufficient personnel carriers or failed to master the intricacies of tank–infantry co-operation. Some Soviet historians, like Zaloga, judged the tactic wasteful; costly in men and the suppressive fire laid down by the riders ineffectual. German troops rarely (41-42) and Allied troops apparently never resorted to the desant doctrine. Tanks functioned as pre-engagement taxis only. One notices that the troops in the video are sitting upright as in church pews, in realit
  21. Good luck! This could prove exceedingly complex.
  22. You're on to something there, Atheist. Provocative concept! How about a graphic of a trooper, scared ****less, cowering in a foxhole and heaving his guts out? Or simply hung over on pilfered Bordeaux?
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