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  1. There is more than one Strategic Command series out there. I would guess Matrix is getting a jump on the name SC3 with the series they put out, and is not necessarily affiliated with people we know here at Battlefront.
  2. Thank you Hubert. I will be dropping some names here, and if it's not kosher, please just edit them out. I have purchased every game you have made. The only other author I can make that claim on is Gary Grigsby. I appreciate the level of quality you dedicate yourself to, even for a "beer & pretzels" game. This is what World in Flames should be if made into a computer game. You strike a great balance between complexity and playabilty that is hard to come by. This latest map gives enough room to try anything stupid you have ever felt compelled to do. Kudos! So far (from memory, will re
  3. I think there are quantifiers for Iraq, and any Axis unit will do, not just German. I haven't looked at the script, but 1944 seems to be a long time out to have this trigger.
  4. Nice to know someone else suffers from this truly tragic malady besides myself I really wish they would make a slightly bigger keyboard, but I imagine there isn't too many people who would buy them.
  5. Is there a current list of changes/bugs in AoD? I don't want to search all threads, nor want to repost something already mentioned. Thank you! The map is awesome, btw. Rather an amazing game.
  6. The Strategic Bomber losses is correct, it is very expensive to bomb your opponent. I haven't looked at convoy too close, because I agree with you, it's too hard to read. I have been following all of these for quite a while, they are a very fascinating read and tell the story of the game being played. I will try to rectify what each shows, at least what I understand each to be when I have a moment. Hopefully our sharp witted game designer can come in and and clarify.
  7. So far, no. It seems normal as of now.
  8. Hehe, doesn't matter what version you are on, luck happens. I still debate about fixes for tech advances, sometimes I like the "weighted" randomness we have and sometimes I would like a more consistent approach. Right now, you will have some games with no tech hits, others, the Panthers will roll across the Russian border in 1941.
  9. I have thought this to be a good idea, as long as in the save game continues to show the settings. Maybe make that more visible in the game, plenty of room at the bottom of the screen.
  10. I dunno, how much slave labor in Russia and China helps with that output? With all of Europe under German control, stretching to the Pacific Ocean, that level of output seems pretty reasonable. With no Russia to cause losses, you should have every thing built.
  11. Congrats on the win! Amazing what you learn when you play vs. human competition.
  12. Here's what end game looks like: Ima thinking we should call it, only thing left is the killing. There is no more maneuvering I can do, money is low, and you can pretty well do what you want. If you want to keep going to pop the balloons, I will. If not, I will post up screen shots of the final empires.
  13. I can tell you Event #1 file in 8 point font is 137 pages long . That is the biggest file, but there are 2 others.
  14. Is Irtkusk (sp) considered a capitol for supply in Siberian Russia? I expected to see the city drop to 5 supply, but it still a 10. More research needed. {Empire of the Sun} Indonesia abandoned entirely. I have a lot of troops, but the Allies have more, and I need them everywhere. Carriers sink a couple more ships, help take down a brazen Marine invasion in Ryuku. Chinese have better morale and readiness than the Japs, so, for the most part, we sit and watch them. {Europa} Allies take what I keep giving, Norway is long gone, Italy can rejoice and hang Il Duce and his mistress, Russ
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