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  1. Which is the best terain to fire from? I say trench, hands down. TRy a test with a squad in a house 20 to 30 meters from a trench with an enemy squad and let a fire fight begin. The guys in the house never last longer than 45 seconds before total wipe out and guys in the trench might suffer a wound or two. Worse firing from a roof, even one with a lip around the edge at troops in a nearby trench or even on the ground floor of a nearby building. The roof guys get slaughtered.

  2. I'll chime in. I think it has to do with communication and who has it with their respective HQs and sister units. You will see that some of the units carry a small computer device that allows them to indicate where certain enemy units have been spotted for their comrads to see. The unit that lights up when you click the enemy icon may have indication where that enenmy unit is but may not have line of sight or line of fire. Anyway thats what I figure. Read the section in the manual about COMMS.

  3. You are right, it is not tiddlywinks but it's not war either, its a game. If it were war air power would be used to turn the place into a crater before any troops were committed. Congrats to you as you must have moved on to the next mission. I just want to do that to. My last attempt gave the red force 400 points for enemy casualty level and I had 9 killed and 27 wounded. I was satisfied with those levels based on the difficulty of this mother. Now I get to play again for the umteenth time with my deminished force against a fully rejuvinated enemy. Fun, I think not.

  4. Originally posted by Melnibone:

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by G B Scurlock:

    The author needs to change this or the campaign is useless. This is a fun campaign but what does it matter if it can't be finished.

    Better too hard than too easy in my view. This is war not tiddlywinks. ;) I would not change a thing in that mission - one of the most memorable I have played in CMSF. </font>
  5. I think the success perameters for the CW mission are flawed. I to have tried every strategy and have been successful (I thought)except it only gives me a draw or minor victory and I can't go to the next mission. The author needs to change this or the campaign is useless. This is a fun campaign but what does it matter if it can't be finished. This isn't dungeons and dragons for christ sake where you get to go to the next level. I was hoping for some reallity and this mission ruins it. You can probably tell I just finished it for the 6th or 7th time only to get to play again with less men. I QUIT, whats the point?

  6. Has anyone ever gotten past the mission to take the chemical weapons plant, sam site, storage facility etc. I have tried at least 6 times. Please give me a strategy idea to try so I can move forward with the campaign. Mine obviously are no good.

    Another thing, does it seem that small arms are to leathal shooting through building walls especially multiple walls. Example, red has a squad in a building on the second floor at least 15 yard from another building that I have a squad in on the first floor. They always see me first and just decimate my squad . Any answers to this?

  7. Pathing....playing In The Fields I had a stryker run right through a house like a goast. Only time I saw it though and it hasn't happened again. I have seen some infantry move around quite a bit taking the long way to a location a short ways away. These were some things I saw before 1.05. Love the game though.

  8. Hope some of the testers respond. I've read the BLOG and I think I understand what it is and I understand it is a big step forward in the CM series. What I would like to ask is, what will I notice different "in game"? For example say I am playing the first "Crossroads" scenario, what will I notice with ELOS that will make me say "AHHH yes I see". I'm just struggling to immagine what it will do for the game. Thanks.

  9. Played the IN THE FIELDS scenario because it is small and fast. Saw some of the same things that made me stop in the first place ie. a team in a trench is ordered back to a nearby Striker for more amo. The striker lays down a smoke screen to cover the movement. The team then wanders down the road, out from under the smoke, instead of moving directly to the Striker and immediatly comes under fire and is suppressed. They begin their crawl toward the Striker and take the rest of the scenario to get there. Despite these things I had FUN. It just makes me think what a GREAT game this can be. I just hope the developers feel that things can in fact be fixed. They aren't saying so I will just have to wait and see.

    Have a good day.

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