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  1. Originally posted by Capital:

    I've never given the 'Dismount' command. Always just a 'Quick' or 'Fast' to where you want them to go does the trick.

    Capita, Even with that command, they jump from the vehicle and stand around for a while and by the time they start moving "fast" there is only half the platoon left.
  2. I have never been in combat so I really don't know.

    I ask a squad or platoon to move quickly across a small opening to the safety of a wall or building on the other side. the opening looks to be about ten yards across. They come under fire as they move into the opening. They immediatly become supressed and drop down in the middle of the open area and begin crawling (looks like wallowing)in no particular direction. They are slowly wipe out most of the time. If not, one or two may eventually be spared but they are so exausted and emotionally devastated that they are useless for at least 30 min by which time the scenario is usually over. Happens almost every time. Another is when a dismount oder is given to move quickly into cover. They soldiers dismount and then stand around, under fire as I scream at the monitor "MOVE"! Usually only two or three make it and they crawl all the way instead of running their ass off like I think I would! Wouldn't they speed up the short distance to safety instead of droping down in plain sight only to be slaughtered?

    I feel the best approach would be to suppress the area the enemy fire in coming from but in order to do that you have to get in their LOS and I become supressed instead because the game always has the enemy firing from some sort of prepared position.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to play the game in situations like this. I thinking now to blast away with all my artillery assets before moving any vehicles or soldiers.

  3. Another oddity. When the load works the load bar sequence is 25%, 50%, 62%, 72%, 92% then start. When it never works the load bar sequence goes 5%, 25%, 50%, 55%, 67% waits for a while then crashes. If it starts off at 5% I know it will not load.

    I t seem to be getting worse as I have not been able to load a saved game for quite a while. I have deleated all my save game and will start again.

    Do you think it might be wise to totally deleate the game from the hard drive and reinstall with the hard copy I just received. I could then reinstall the 1.03 patch?

    I have tried with Norton disabled and with the windows firewall disabled with no success. I have not tried with both turned off though but you shouldn't have to do this just to run a game.

  4. Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

    Hmmm... that's odd! Generally problems like this are "either or" as far as CM's code goes. Meaning either everybody has them or nobody has them. Rare is the case when a single person has a problem with loading/saving a file and nobody else is reporting similar problems. On the other hand, I can't think of any reason why Windows would bomb you out so inconsistently like that either!

    So let's see if we can sort this out!

    1. Are you using v1.03?

    2. Are you trying to load saves from previous versions?

    3. If you experience a problem loading a particular save game, can you eventually load it if you keep trying?

    4. How much RAM do you have and are you running other programs alongside of Combat Mission?

    That should help us get started smile.gif


    1) I am using 1.03 but I think it has happened with each version.

    2)In this instance I am trying to load saves from the same version, 1.03.

    3)This has happened on new games which enentually loaded after I adjusted the options "down". Brandenburg & Wilcox for example.

    4) I have two Gigs of RAM. Should be enough.

    Thanks for the help.

  5. About 75% of the time ,when loading a saved game, I get a Microsoft message that says "CMSF has encountered a problem and must close". It ask if I want to send the details to Microsoft, I say don't send and I'm back at the desk top. I used to happen on start up of some of the larger scenarios but doesn't seem to any more. It almost seems like a timed out problem. The message pops up just as the loading line reaches 100%. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as sometimes I don't have time to complete a whole mission and must come back later. BTW I turned off Norton auto protect and that didn't help. Thank you.

  6. Brandenburg and Wilcox scenario. Both take quite while to load then as the game is starting up I get the Microsoft error message that there is a problem and the application must close. I usually get to the briefing page when it happens. I have the following:

    1. Version 1.02

    2. Pentium 3.2 GHZ

    3. 2 Gigs RAM

    4. 126meg ATI Radeon 9800 card.

    5. Windows XP

    One other thing. The Factory Outlet scenario runs so slow with such mouse/cursor lag that it is impossible to play.

    Could this be part of the ATI card problem?


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  7. rying to purchase CMAK through digital download. Very user unfriendly. Have received email verification that my order ($35) has been processed but have not been able to download yet. Why is this so hard. Have used DD many times with Matrix games with no trouble. Have tried four times now and keep getting to the page that says that I alresdy have access to the game and can "redownload " it at my account page. Well my account page makes no sence at all. AM I JUST OUT $35????????

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