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  1. This morning in a scenario, I had an AT crew that had spent their AP rounds which was all the had. How do I get them to use their Carbines? They just sat around with rifles on their shoulders and watched the battle unfold. Dismount was not available and when I targeted infantry they aimed the gun but of course could not fire. Six perfectly good soldiers, wasted. BTW Mortar crews will fire their weapons.

  2. Road to Montcourt (sp?) Campaign, 4th scenario.....just in from of the wooden bunker there is a very obvious opening in the hedge row. I found it when scanning the terrain and planned my attack by entering the wooded lot there and moving under cover of the trees toward the mortars. The troops will not move through that opening and insist on hooking around to the left which is not good. I tried it 4 different times. The opening is there just like other opening in the bocage that we all have used. It's a real pisser.

  3. I love the game but I am just terrible at it. It would be great if some better players could post some best practices. I am right now playing Veteran level. I especially have trouble with arty if I don't plot my bombardments on the first turn. After that I of course have to get either an FO or HQ or a mortar unit in eyesight of a target which sometimes takes a few turns and then it sometimes takes up to an additional 6 minutes before indirect fire can begin. In these cases I have usually found the enemy unit by being shot at. Now I have to move the above mentioned up to view the target and then the delay before firing can commence. Also, by then, I sometimes have suppressed or otherwise killed or run off the enemy with my Inf.so I have to cease fire before it starts so as not to waste ammo and the process starts all over and I have to get ambushed again.

    Any advice is much appreciated or if there has been a thread discussing such combined arms tactics, please direct me.



  4. In the tutorial scenario I was assaulting across the bridge to the farm under suppressing fire of a tank. as the first squad of 4 approached the first building on the right one went down. Two more went down after that and the final guy went to ground. There were no enemy that I could see that could fire on them and the tank was area firing at that building that they ran to. It had to be from the tanks machine gun fire.

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