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  1. I still can not get through the tiles… I like that the game is way more precise and designed but the tiles makes it boring to play… And that’s quiet a draw back for a game… I feel like playing a kind of chess and I am not enjoying a WWII simulation game as I did playing SC1…. So like others I might try later in the winter or get it on ebay when prices will be low… But I still don’t understand why Hubert went for this terrible tile option…. Sc is obviously designed for the wargamer specific market and it was even assumed that the community would be able, with the editor, to tune it up and t
  2. I am still not getting passed the terrible square grid to play the game regularly but when I read this, I think a naval mod like the one I did for the version 1 should solve the problem... England had a very strong navy that would have been able to greatly delay and disrupt the Sealion... In SC2 like in SC1 the navies are underrepresented in numbers of ships...
  3. Hello all, I have just found out that C2 was out... So i have the demo and will work on it... First impression, the game interface is really awful... Like many people, I find that the tiles and the 3d perspective is a big step back from SC1... I will try to get used to it and to stick with the game but it really repels me... Desaix
  4. I just updated the downloadable file to version 4.1.1... I corrected some errors and maid minor changes: - All bombers start with 4 exp - Scharnhorst and Gneisenau start at (9/0) instead of (10/0) - Oslo port belongs to Allies at start (was an error) - 2 French armies start at 4 instead of 3. Desaix
  5. Axis faces its incapacity to progress or to counter anymore: - Casualities of spaghettis are causing riots amongst Italian women population... - A last attempt was maid by an Italian sub to sink one of this UK carrier but failed due a protecting Uk sub. - Wermarcht is unable to get Riga in reasonnable time, after couple of month of unsuccesful attemps, some more AF would have been needed. Some officers have been hanged. - In Kiev area the huge Russian and English army prevent any further assault. - Production is not sufficient for the war. Axis surrender and Adolf is exiled to the Spit
  6. Mmm.. Not much happening this turn... - Germans killed a corps next to Riga and moves a Panzer in the place... 3 units around Riga now... - Praying the Gods of tech... Btw, why are you bombing French mines and not italian corps around Paris ? I think you made an targeting error so to help you I moved an Italian corps in the mine to check what the hell you where bombing there...
  7. Can be downloaded here: 1939 3H scenario version 4.1 Let's go for more tests now Desaix
  8. So here is the version 4.1... Main changes from the version 4.0 are: - Intital Russian mpp corrected to 2000 - All German infantry gained back exp 1 - German start at GLR 1. - 4 German boats gain 1 str point. - Auchinleck removed - Gamelin starts at str 4, in range of Maginot units only. - All Uk carriers str decreased by 2 - Wavell starts at str 10 - English London corps removed - Some Af moved out of range of Brussels - Canadian army starts at str 3 ready to board - All Poland troops receive an additionnal exp level - Suggested bid system is 1/1/5/10 instead of 1/1/2/20 (Fr/Uk/
  9. - Italian corps near Paris replaced, italian have a good natality rate... - Some more bombing on Riga to keep it "fresh"... - One russian tank killed next to Minsk. - Bordeau abandonned, no more supplies end there...
  10. Not much in the West as Allies are not moving. In Russia, numerous counter on Russian corps but no major destruction, lack of AF is a pain. 2 russian corps down to 1... Germans troops stoped and gathered to be less open to counters and to figth back in a better position.
  11. - Minors are cowards, they surrendered ! - In Russia, corps moving back barely able to hold a line. - In England hunt continues a bite slower as hunters are getting to drunk. - In Irish sea, one german sub attacked, US AF was destroyed attacking... Carrier tried to help without much sucess..; It was Royal Navy last strand... The Queen of England was told the news while she was reading her children books... She found out that her ancestor was a Prinzz von Hanover... A formal request is maid to the Furer to recognize her as legitim Queen of England, Reich, Hanover and Monkey island. In ex
  12. Hehe, no it was not designed to be balanced against Terif in particular... I was not realy hoping on victory against him, I am barely 50 games experienced and he is over 500 ... I am just playing him for fun, to learn the game and to test what pro can do with the 3H scenario... It goes pretty well so far except the naval aspect as Terif said and this is easy to fix... Yes version 4.0 is too strong for Allies but this is not a reaction to the games against Terif There was an error in the initial bid for Russia, written correclly as 2000 in the doc but forgotten at 4000 in the file.
  13. Minor theaters - Bagdad still holding and figthing back - Same for Spain Russia -Despite of the German propaganda, one German tank killed and corps in th e "trap" back to supply. England - Sounds of horns and dogs are heard all around in the countryside. The hunt is good: two italian fox corps captured and skinned this turn. Dogs are running after this nice grey skin german fox now... -More battle in the Irish sea: one sub down to 1.
  14. -Still building up defences in France -Moving troops for operation around Riga... Heavy loses to prevent the Tank to entrench -English tank destroyed next to central mines, more troops arrived for assault of the mine.
  15. In Baghdad: -Corps reinforce to 8, will probably fall in 2 turns... Russia: -Troops moved back a bite, trying to patch the holes in the lines... - Advance in Finland, next to Helsinki now In England and around: - American and English deciced to chellange German naval supremacy. Germans fleet next to Wales attacked by carriers and Us fleet... On Uboat sunk another dove. Only one AF covering them so far... - English took their horses out of the stable, the hunting horns from the racks, the funny dressing and released dogs packs... The Queen officialy launched hunting season. This year
  16. -Building of defences in France -Kiev assault launched with strong air support. -Ligth attack on Riga to prevent it to entrench -Troops moving toward centrale mine and getting ready for the assault. Axis keep easy neutral (Norway, Portugal) free for now to delay US intervention. Vichy stays neutral as it is more usefull as defense line in France and buffer zone between Spain and English Africa booming colonnies... This last thing migth be reconsidered pretty soon as most English moved to Russia when they heard about Russia Vodka...
  17. England: -Corps repaired and produced, clean up of the remaining invading armies started. The Queen was rigth, only true English can stand the English weather ! Russia: -Organizing defence lines behind rivers and swamp. Kiev will be defended, tanks saty inside with corps around. - Finish army destroyed, moving forward to Helsinki. Centre of the world: The Gib monkey are grinning and holding to the rock. Italian navy getting ridiculous trying to get them. They called German and Italian sub to help but was not any better (?). So they called a bunch of armies around to invade Spain so
  18. -Getting organized to defend France. -As the Russian ran away, germans troops are slowly advancing, taking Kiev and getting ready for the next assault. Russian tanks 2 with AA 1 are hard to get in the cities
  19. - Axis did an over kill on Vichy attacking with troops every where and every thing even in Syria. - One German corps killed in England, intoxication from Beef in minth sauce... - Monkey in Gibraltar are humiliating the Italian fleet, 2 battleships where damaged while attacking. Babouns are better stone thrower than the Spaghetti it seems... - Defences deployed in Russia. Surrounded armies fight back doing couple of hits. - Finland attacked by boats and army landing behind Finish army.
  20. - Odessa taken - Armies in the north destroyed or to be finish next turn. - German tank moved back and couple of troops sent for protection. One russian corps killed in the process. - More Italians sent to France so support Brest.
  21. I forgot to say that Russia readiness is now at 75%. US one stays at 0% The mod can be downloaded at : 3H mod v4.0.zip Desaix
  22. So here here is finaly a version 4 of the mod. I was not planning on having a complet new version but I found some good improvement to make, so here it is... So here are the main changes from last version: -Free French ON will probably give a better result. -Costal sub fleet removed (Sirene for France, IIc for Germany) -French unfinished ships removed, German ones start with no experience. - German sub initial experience decreased and Royal Navy get back Sonar 1 tech. - German troops start with no experience but HQ with exp 1 and 2. - Germany starts at Heavy tank 1. - All nations h
  23. -Barbarossa launched... Most border armies surrounded, tanks and planes will escape despite some hits... Germans were a bite short on troops and air coverage... - Getting organized in France
  24. British are drinking tea... Some italian got shot by farmers in English countryside... Russia is coming, England is safe is the current English motto...
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