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  1. Here is a screen shot of it:


    The enemy unit was engaged by my forces,but there was no one close enough to get a positive ID that they were eliminated.However,you see how it is all balck in the info window,instead of being tall pines.

    I do think it is a big deal since it applys to ATGs as well.It changes things tremendously to be able to KNOW that the ATG is KO'd and simply move on.

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  2. First off,I don't have CMAK,yet,but I have not heard that it does.

    In EFOW in CMBB,when a unit is eliminated(KO'd,whatever)and you do not have units close enough to see that it is indeed eliminated,you can click on the unit icon marker and if it is all black in the info screen windows then it is eliminated or knocked out.

  3. Originally posted by J Ruddy:

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />That was the weakest challenge and acceptance of a challenge I have ever seen! :mad: Why not just pull each others hair and slap fight?aNGRY oUT lOUD!!!!!! :mad:

    If any of you silly bitches think you're good enough to take me on, send me a setup and I'll try not to humiliate you.

    Axis, Allies whatever whenever, but ye can keep yer stupid 900,000 point 150 turn 10km x 20km maps.

    (CMAK & CMBB only, children - I don't do B-O!) </font>

  4. Originally posted by Edward Windsor:

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Mike:

    I need to owe more people turns - who wants a game?

    I'm game, if you fancy a little TNT chucking action. I can only offer CMAKage, though, as that's all that's residing on my HD (20GB ain't what it used to be).

    I tuned in to find out about CMx2. I, too, am seriously underwhelmed by Shock Force, but at least it saves any rummaging around in my PC's gubbins trying to upgrade a multitude of obsolete bits. What's the ETA for the spanking new WWII incarnation?

    Here's to sugar on your strawberries,

    Teddy </font>

  5. I trully believe,and wish,that BF.C could make a realistic FPS.Imagine that as your "character" started coming under more and more fire that you lose more and more control over your character;to the point that,in the case of panic and beyond,your character would do things on its own--like running away.

    The peripheral aspect could be accomplished by "bending" the sides of the screen.It wouldn't be perfect,but it would be a vast improvement.

  6. Originally posted by Zalgiris 1410:

    I don't like shoot'em up wargames because they are either too scripted or acade gamey or both. I also don't like them because I find that I have a problem with the lack of peripheral vision when playing them no matter how good they are. It becomes necessary to learn the script and know where the enemy is or else to play at the more easier levels to servive long enough to return fire against new out of screen sight side enemies.

    I always liked "cattle like" people like you in FPS'ers.I always pwned you.Ever heard of looking around?It's called situational awareness :rolleyes: That alone made me better at FPS than most people.You just have to learn to do it.

    To use a football term:Keep your head on a swivel;otherwise,you get laid out :mad:

  7. Tsk.Tsk.Soddy,you should be ashamed for ever having abandoned CMX1 to begin with.I think you and DaveH and any other Maggot that bailed on us should have to receive a good flogging before being allowed to return to the Waffle :mad: Oh,and why no CMBB?Just because the arty doesn't kick up dust is no reason not to play it.

    All turns are out,except to Steudo,who can suffer tongue.gif :mad: :mad:

  8. I wasn't expecting WWII and yet I am very disappointed.I actually had hoped for Korea or something,not some futuristic crap(wasn't that what drop team was for).I am still reserved about my opinions until the demo comes out,but all along I felt that they were trying to sell us a car with a engine but very little else.Then they want to turn around and sell us the transmission,drive shaft,front/rear ends seperately and for extra.Good thing I don't have the money to upgrade my pc and/or buy the game,yet.

    edit toadd:

    Also,trust is something that CONSTANTLY has to be earned and renewed.Just because they did a really good job with CMX1 doesn't mean that they can't take the game and company in the wrong direction;it happens all the time.

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