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  1. Well, it seems my burn-out is coming to an end :mad: I would like to, if possible, continue my games versus Pseudo and Sergei. If either of you would like to continue our battles you will have to send the last file you have(since I've deleted all of my pbem files), and then I will have to remember my password(s).

    If they don't want to play, or if I can't remember the password(s), then consider this an offer for a new game versus anyone(including the previously mentioned knuckle-heads). I want the battle to be a CMBB scenario or operation of atleast medium size(preferably atleast 3,000+ points per side), and I want it to be attack/defend. I don't care about any of the other particulars.

    Lets go, Maggots, my anger grows by the day, and thus so does the degree of your annihilation/humiliation :mad: :mad:

  2. Originally posted by PseudoSimonds:

    Pfft, you sissies just can't take the heat anymore. You hike up your pants, push your coke bottle glasses back up on your nose, put a trembling hand on the mouse and slowly try to maneuver the cursor towards the "Surrender" button but the shaking is just uncontrollable. With face pale and tear running down your cheek you leave the computer, stumble into bed and try to mumble yourself to sleep, "Why can't I beat Pseudo?? ...no more CM.. no more CM ...no more humiliations..."

    Pretty accurate, isn't it? :mad:

    More like you make our eyes roll so much that we can no longer focus on the screen :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:tongue.gif :mad:
  3. Originally posted by John_d:

    I can't imagine how alot of the German camo patterns (especially the navy blue '41 colour scheme) actually provide any kind of camoflage

    I don't actually have any knowledge about this subject,but one way of looking at it is that was exactly the point.They wanted it to be seen.Haven't you ever had an almost indestructable KV or Tiger and parked it atop a hill for your opponent to look at?

    Then again,I am probably wrong.

  4. Howdy,Maggots :mad:

    Just thought I would drop by and let everyone know where I've been and such.I am now working a full time job and attending technical college 3/4 time(Mechanical Engineering Degree).Needless to say(but for the less bright individuals among us *looks at Pseudo,Wallybob,and Sirgay* I will)I don't have hardly any free time anymore.However,I do hope to get broadband pretty soon and when I do I may be looking to continue playing my current PBEMs via tcp/ip over the weekends(fri,sat especially).Besides,after beating the snot out of..er,I mean playing Abbott via tcp/ip,I like it better than PBEM from a time constraint perspective.

    Anyway,you guys think it over.I'll let you know when I get broadband and when/if I will be able to play.I sure have been missing CMBB,but thankfully I have those glorious victories to remember and that helps to ease my pain.

    If none of you want to play via tcp/ip it's ok.Wallybob,you had pretty much already lost,whether you realize it or not.Pseudo,you pretty much were going to lose,and I think we both realize that tongue.gif ,and Sirgay,you are just a gamey bastid! :mad:

    Talk to y'all later,

    :mad: >:) :mad:

  5. Originally posted by PseudoSimonds:

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Watson & Crick:

    Pseudo, crawl out from under your homework and send me a turn. It's been like 24 hrs or sumfink. :mad:

    That's nothing, maggot. I'm fast approaching the 2 month anniversary of the last turn from Axe and the 3 month anniversary of the last turn from der_wino. I hate them so. Don't get me wrong, I hate you too, I'm just not sure if it's the familiarity-breeds-contempt syndrome or a deeper underlying loathing that can truly be cherished. :mad: :mad: </font>
  6. Hehehehe,nice vomit smilie;those little maggots never seem to run out.

    I understand about the AWOL stuff.I fear that I am going to be doing that more and more as time goes by.I am going to be working and(hopefully)going back to school :eek: :mad:

    And,yes,new opponents and a good challenge keep CM fresh and exciting to me(except that my super CM skillz are rarely challenged...eh, Pseudo,Wallybob?).Compared to the other games out there,I still don't see how anyone could get tired of playing CM.I think I first came here sometime in 2002 and I still love playing CM.

  7. Originally posted by RSColonel_131st:

    I'll get you a screenshot of our current PBEM map. It certainly isn't as open as you show it here.

    Yes,please do.I can't wait to see how/why you situation is so exceptional.

    Listen to what JasonC has very kindly taken the time to tell you.As the Russians,you lead with your infantry.Keep your tanks back just behind them(IOW,supporting the infantry advance),so that the closest enemy units can be no closer than 50m.You do know how to area target with a tank,don't you?

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