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  1. 28 minutes ago, Sgt Joch said:

    As to why the Canadians suffered more casualties than the other CW forces in Normandy, roughly 20% more as I recall, there are many theories.



    In Normandy, Canadian infantry divisions suffered a higher rate of casualties than British divisions engaged in similar operations. These figures have been used by some historians to prove Canadian failure on the battlefield. However, by using statistics gathered by operational research scientists during the war, this article shows that the “considerably heavier casualties” suffered by the Canadians in Normandy and beyond were the product of a greater number of days in close combat with the enemy, not evidence of operational inexperience or tactical failure.

    To the Last Canadian?: Casualties in the 21st Army Group (wlu.ca)


  2. 6 hours ago, MikeyD said:

    Behold the Germany module! Okay, not really. I just swapped out the Abrams model for the CMSF2 Leopard 2A4. Its only cosmetic but dang, its a lot of fun.

    Germany 1.jpg

    Germany 2.jpg

    Nice! Those should be 2A1s for the 1982 timeframe, I guess. Now throw in the whole Leopard 1 family (A1 to A4) and some Marders and we could play some cat games at north german plain. Maybe next year? 

  3. 4 hours ago, Amedeo said:

     Just now, there are some M48s butchering my T-72As with 1960s vintage APDS rounds at a range of 3000m plus! (mainly Lower hull and weapon hits, nonetheless...).

    Yep. If you set-up a shooting range in the editor for 4km and let 20 soviet tanks cautiously advance to 20 M48A5 or M60A1 tanks, everything except T64Bs and T80Bs will get butchered by M48A5s or M60A1s. Mostly at ranges between 3k and 2,5k. The tested T64Bs and T80Bs only survive because their AT-8 Songsters kill most of the M48s or M60s at 4k distance. If you do the test with T64B1s and T80B1s the result is totally different. I guess the devs have to look into this a little closer.

    Would reality have been like that, there would have been no need to introduce the 120mm smoothbore to NATO forces back then.

  4. 46 minutes ago, MikeyD said:

    Last year sucked for soooo many reasons. The BFC bosses may want to get their newly vaccinated selves out into the sunshine having fun for awhile. And if that isn't their plan I've got to ask WHY ISN'T IT??!!


    Yes, certainly well deserved. Output for this year is stellar, to say the least. Update 5 and Commonwealth module to get CM:FB to VE-Day would be very nice topics for 2022. I guess they also have an idea or two about what comes next in their pipeline.

  5. Just now, Thomm said:

    Exactly. All subfolders of 'Game Files' are empty.

    The weird part is that the subfolders are there. But empty.

    Of course, there is nothing for the game to display in this case.

    Best regards,

    I see. If it isn´t the downloaded file, my bet would be on your antivirus software, as Steve already suggested.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Thomm said:

    Please tell me when to stop to pollute this thread.

    Current state:

    • Uninstalled previous attempt using windows uninstall function.
    • Downloaded the .rar file again. Not surprisingly, it had exactly the same size as before.
    • Installed latest version of 7-Zip.
    • Extracted the 'CMCW Installer' folder and ran the .exe
    • Game was installed
    • Started game without new activation.
    • No scenario showed up.

    Again, all folder in C:\Users\...\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Cold War\Game Files are empty.

    Best regards,

    Odd. You say that this folder is empty?

    C:\Users\ABCDE\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Cold War\Game Files\Scenarios

    And from within the game after opening either the battle dialogue or the scen editor you see no files?

  7. 10 hours ago, Aragorn2002 said:

    I see in the Editor that the region Germany is only available in 1945, although the Red army reached East Prussia in October 1944. Am I right about this and if so, can that please be corrected in a future patch?

    I guess they pretty much went with this (map below - Baltic offensive - Wikipedia). Technically you are correct (Goldap Operation: Soviets in the Prussian Heartland - Warfare History Network), but is there a meaningfull difference in the editor with regard to terrain/building features between germany and east europe?

    Eastern Front 1943-08 to 1944-12.png

  8. 1 hour ago, Battlefront.com said:

    My point is, someone advocating for inclusion of a rare vehicle (this one or any other one) has to prove two things:

    1.  That it was present on a particular front during a particular timeframe

    2.  That it engaged in combat

    Proving #1 without #2 is pointless.  If #1 was all that was needed then we should include the Maus :D


    Schwimmwagen retrofitting in CM:BN, CM:FI and CM:FB confirmed. Excellent News! 😉

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