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  1. About 25 mm AA. I tried a test, 20 25 mm AA (cost 280 pts) vs 20 KTs (cost nearly 6000 pts), on small map with AAs in trees and KTs Hunting forward from 700 meters. Result, turn 10, 16 dead KTs, the other 4 immobile or Gun Damage. 5 AAs still firing. Gamey? Maybe. But gamey opponents reap what they sow... That combination of conscript 152s and TRPs is marvellous.
  2. Great, thanks Vark. Will try something like that, with maybe a tank or two to take advantage of any of my enemies mistakes...
  3. Great, thanks for the advice! It's 2000 points attack, so 3000 points for him as attacker, and med woods, med hills, rural in Oct 44. With rarity off, he could have bought quite a bit of inf after buying the KTs. Mix of SMGs, Snipers, a few 57mm (with rarity off not so expensive), big arty and trps, mines, and pray for mud! (EDIT : And hope he's not reading this!!). Don't like my chances, but I like a challenge!
  4. Rarity off and German attack with Jerry taking 4 King Tigers and some inf. Rural map. Lots of cover. What's the best Russian defence? Lots of T34-85s and lots of smoke? Lots of 20mm AA? Lots of inf and tank hunters and ATRs? Lots of aircraft? Lots of inf with pioneers and flamethrowers?
  5. I noticed that too...My King Tiger didn't fire even though the little voice was saying "Fire!" in German...It was quite near and eventually the only way I got him to fire was by driving the Tiger right up to the Russian tank and then it fired...(I know it could see the Russian as the Russian kept hitting the Tiger)...
  6. Anyone know how to change the mouse controls in TOW?? In CM, moving the mouse left rotates the view. In TOW, moving the mouse left moves the view left. Driving me mad. The defining keys doesn't seem to allow you to change this. Can It Be Done???
  7. Precisely. Some sort of idea would be helpful. If I select a unit, I should have some idea if it can or cannot see through those 10 trees or not... Whether he can see what's actually there (a prone sniper versus a King Tiger) is a different issue...
  8. This LOS thing is the most frustrating part of the game. It's fine to say "well, you can see through a few trees" but if one is setting up an AT gun, it's not much use. Can my AT gun be seen or not? What's its field of fire? At the moment, there's absolutely no way of telling... The lack of a hide is annoying too...(stop waving at that T-34!!! :mad: ). Still, as they say, the game's good, but it could be great...
  9. On PBEM, last I heard, it was "maybe"... Will there be PBEM? Is it now: - Yes - No - Maybe
  10. I do recall (off the top of my head) from Guderian's book that the idea was to inflict a defeat on the Russians to keep them on the defensive and straighten the German line so the Germans could concentrate on the Western Front (though many German generals pointed out they could straighten the line by pulling back from either side of the salient)... Alternatively, the idea was banded about that it would force the Soviets into some deal with the Germans, and after such a victory, the Germans could dictate from a position of strenght...I don't think Hitler would've gone for that though... Go
  11. There's usually something stiring at: www.theblitz.org (or if you're just competitive, you could join their ladder)... This guy also organises a lot of tourneys... http://www.667.hab.dsl.pipex.com/Wargaming/CM/CM-Page.html
  12. Sturmangriff_Jr, Hundreds of oponents can be found at: www.theblitz.org I'll give you a game of CMBB if you want. You can email me at: saint_ruth1691@yahoo.ie
  13. Well, but the whole point of Blitzkrieg was not to attack solid defensive positions. You could say, the Russians would've won by 42 if the Russians had solid defences and the Germans attack was based on the Somme battle plan...too many "what ifs"... Zhukov had a plan to attack in May 1941. It would have been a utter disaster, and worse than reality because 1) Stalin would have been the aggressor (not good for home propaganda if everything hit the fan) 2) the Russian armies would be more compacted in Poland/Prussia and easier for the Germans to encirle effectively...end result, Germans starti
  14. I don't buy it that the Russia-Germany conflict was inevitable in the short term. The Russians signed a non-aggression pact when they could've had France and the UK as allies and when the Germans would've been fighting a 2-front war. I find it impossibe to believe that they would then jump into war with Germany when Germany was trumphant in Europe, the vaulted French Army (and it was thought the premier European army in the 30s) had been routed so quickly, and the German army was "unemployed". It was obvious that the main beneficiary would have been the UK, and he was hardly going to risk all
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