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  1. Preposterous! With that logic I shant for study for a test again because I will be asking for the answers on a platter, while my less motivated peers will have to work with what solely know. Erik
  2. Thanks that works impeccably. Um... what's a riding crop? Why should the wager be off? Erik
  3. I am making a fictional scenario with the Russian Naval Infantry. I was interested if there are any articles of writings I can read to see what a Naval Battalion was comprised of. Or any battles which Russian Naval infantry fought in. All information is helpful. Erik
  4. AHAH! Pirx, the thought did cross my mind. But I talked to my opponent today and I am pretty sure he does not go to any CM websites. Erik
  5. Ok here is the updated plan. All the lines are the same except one. The 'Pink line' contains the Company HQ + two squads of heavy SMG. The 'Pink line' will not (or at least its main job is not to) take point C because it lacks sufficient firepower, men, and ammo. http://img322.imageshack.us/my.php?image=plan20sa.jpg 'Red line' and 'Blue line' will provide firepower to the enemy troops. The two lines will also have the HMG's and the Mortars. 'White and Green line' will get to the first layer of defenses, which is trees and light houses. They will be under the cover of smoke! You'll not
  6. Oh and one more thing JasonC. Do you think I should buy Target Reference Points? If so, where shall I place them? Thanks, Erik
  7. Thanks for another reply JasonC, The StuH's will make it ten fold easier to attack across the open area. But again, as I said earlier, if they are killed I don't think I'll be able to attack the position. Erik
  8. I definitely can now see this working but on one prerequisite. I would need to destroy my entire enemy's armor. My men will be cut down by an IS-2 or an SU. If the StuH's have no opposition, I think the plan could work very well. Erik
  9. Nameusedbefore. I still don't see how crossing an area that I know my opponent will have set up men to defend will be a good idea. As I have said before, everyone by the 'white' area can see all of the 'white' area. I don't see how I could cross 125m without being raped. Erik
  10. As usual JasonC, your information is invaluable. However, there is a history to this map that I did not explain. Perhaps I should have. I have played this map against the opponent (who will play as the Soviets in this match) who was in the first game, the Axis. My opponent complained about two things. The first was that the open area makes it impossible for the Axis to win. The second is that he complained that Soviet armor was overpowered (I have never heard that before!!). So I have challenged him in a re-match but now I will play as the Axis. Ok I will now get back to my reply. I defi
  11. Ok my fellow comrades, I have an important game and I need your help. In this battle I will be playing as the Axis in a 1250 game. It will be 30 turns. It is late '44. There are three flags. Two small, one large. Ok here is my list: http://img418.imageshack.us/my.php?image=list1of.jpg I have four platoons. 2 SMG platoons and two Rifle platoons. I plan to use the Rifle platoons to cover my SMG platoons as they assault. I'll also use my Rifle platoons to engage in long range firefights with the soviets as they have 42 ammo. The King Tiger and Elephant are very durable. Since it will be clo
  12. Interesting report l.cassidy The SU-76M has 25mm for the 2/3 of the tanks front upper armor, and has 30mm for the lower hull of the front armor. The 20mm AA gun has a penetration (with AP) at 31mm (at 100m) and 23mm (500m). So only at about 400m or less can the AP round penetrate at the front of the tank with a 'Rare'. To have a 'Fair' kill it needs to be less than 90m. At 5m it still has a 'Fair' kill chance! From what it seems, your shots seemed to be lucky by immobilizing and blowing off their guns However, if you shoot it on the side, it's mince meat. Ahaha, this is only a 20
  13. Don't worry my dear friend l.cassidy, we'll always be friends Wordnet (a dictionary from Princeton) describes a tank as: 1: an armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads. I think that the SU-76M sufficiently fits that description. As to the bashing of the SU-76, it does have yellowish armor on the lower and upper hull of the tank, so it can withstand a 20mm AA gun. Also, I put these tanks behind hills and use infantry as my forward observers, so when I see something in a vulnerable position, I shoot and scoot. Then I move my tanks behind another position.
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