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  1. Hi, would be interested in playing. If ok, choose your side and mail me the turn @ my id. Thanks. i have no clue on the options, leave it to you. I would like the Entente if you don't mind.
  2. @all, A newbie, played against AI but just 2 games, (1 from each side). Have played some WW1 Strategy games like La Grand Guerre/WW1 Gold and The End to all Wars (TEAW) also Commander:great War. Have a good working knowledge of the historical period and the main battles but total newbie with respect to Strategic command. I can play 4-5 turns (at times more, at times less) per week by e-mail. [No clue how to host and what are the various options like SOFT builds]. Would like to play a PBEM if anyone is interested. Either side is ok. shrini.85@gmail.com SC-WW1 Breakthrough 1.05 Patch
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