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  1. Is there a FOW option that allows the AI to see everything while the human can't? I know this has been mentioned in the past, and many people have wanted this option so as to give an advantage to the AI.
  2. I'd allow AI switching at any time. Many games have offered this option in the past.
  3. France may go quicker based on two factors: 1) Delayed production which will keep reinforcements from quickly being put into France 2) The maginot line vulnerable from behind.
  4. Back on topic..... I agree completely with the slowdown on experience gain. I'd initially make it .8 for the 2nd bar, .6 for third bar, and .4 for the 4th bar. Of course this could then be modified up or down with a patch if we notice too many or too few high level experienced units.
  5. Do you think SC2 and Grigsby WAW will compliment each other, or compete with each other. I'm looking forward to both games and after reading some of the AAR's of WAW, it looks like they both should reside on every wargamers shelf. While I'd never want to give up playing SC & SC2(the detail is at the perfect level for me) it would seem that WAW is a very very advanced version of Axis & Allies, with a strong AI thrown in to boot. I know some people from these boards are play testing it right now. Thoughts?
  6. Three or four plays through the demo and I believe we will forget about this tile/hex debate.
  7. That looks simple enough to edit. You could add more randomness to it by increasing the range of % increases, Handicapping one side or the other by changing the pct. increase would also be easy. It will be interesting to see the number of different available scripts. Also, can we add new scripts in case we are playing different wars/maps.
  8. From Hubert: I thought about it some more and came up with the following tech areas: - Infantry Weapons - Anti-Tank Weapons - Heavy Tanks - Mechanization - Anti Aircraft Radar - Long Range Aircraft - Jets - Heavy Bombers - Naval Bombers - Anti-Submarine Warfare - Advanced Subs - Gun Laying Radar - Strategic Rockets - Intelligence - Amphibious Warfare - Infrastructure - Production Technology Dave brought up a good point for Naval Bombers and it should play out well for any Pacific campaigns. After thinking about it some more I think the counter balance will be for the opposing player to provide sufficient air cover to prevent the naval bombers from getting/hitting their targets, i.e. carriers, or land based AF [air fleets]. I think this will work out well actually. I’ve also gone with the idea of various level cost research items by basically allowing the cost of each research item to be editable. What’s Editable (for each major country, for each research type): - Current Research Level [0, 5] - Max Research Level [0, 5] - Current chits applied [0, 5] - Max chits applicable [0, 5] - Cost [0, 1000] Also Editable: - Production increment (%) [5, 25] - Maximum MPP for research [0, 10000] By setting the ’Maximum MPP’ = 0 for each major you effectively have a non-research game mod if that would be desirable.
  9. I'll buy this one(if its not buggy, and they make a decent AI), along with SC2.
  10. Bump I'd like to know if you can edit the operating expense of units. Can you also have a set cost for the 1st unit, then increase for each later unit.
  11. The unit is destroyed instead if it can't retreat.
  12. This is great news. Italy and Russia most importantly. Any chance for some randomness on placement of units in minor countries when attacked. Even if the computer placed the units randomly, choosing from 3-4 preset locations, this would bring great variation when that country was attacked. Expanded over 6-7 declarations of war, you have huge amounts of variation.
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